July 30, 2010

When To Open Your Holiday Store

Put the Holidays on Hold

A couple of weeks ago—early July-- I was reading one of many magazines that I subscribe to and the articles were talking about getting kids ready for school. The magazine was an August issue, so that made sense, but I had just finished celebrating the 4th of July and didn’t want to think of back to school for a couple of weeks. Yet, I understand publication and editorial schedules so readers receive timely information. I just wasn’t ready for that kind of news in the hot days of mid-summer.

As a direct sales consultant you also need to look ahead a month of two in advance so you can prepare to have the products and supplies on hand for your guests and customers. However, your customers may not be thirsty right now for what you’re gearing up for and offering in two months. Such is the case as new catalogs are rolled out for the holiday season.

Most companies announced terrific new products, promotions, and catalogs at summer conventions. But as a consumer, I don’t want to think about Halloween, Thanksgiving, Hanukah and Christmas when I haven’t even done back-to-school shopping. I’m still extremely thirsty for your summer solutions and ideas while I’m enjoying the lazy and even crazy days of summer.

Direct sales consultants share their excitement with customers for their “new” catalog when most of the people on the planet haven’t even seen the current one which might have products they want before they are not available.

Certainly I understand the need to look ahead and realize items purchased at a home party take a week or two to be delivered, so if a guest wants Halloween d├ęcor, she’ll want to host or attend a party in mid-September so she have her merchandise in time for the season. As we enter the last four weeks of summer (there are more than 30 days till Labor Day), you have much to offer customers and hosts right now. And then from those parties and events you’ll be meeting dozens of people who will eagerly anticipate your new holiday catalogs and promotions.

Get ready for a great holiday season over the next four weeks as you do the TWIST and promote your current products “before it’s too late” rather than telling prospects to wait to choose a date. Your spring/summer catalog and products are still hot while you put the holidays on hold!

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