July 6, 2015

How You Too Can Achieve What Seems Like The Impossible

Would you continue to pushing if you kept being told NO?

As network marketers this can be the difference between becoming successful in your business or not!

I'm sure most of you by now have seen the story of Misty Copeland somewhere on social media because her video has gone crazy viral. And before you look away, this isn't a ballerina story at all, I started looking around to read more about her because honestly it was the first I had hear of her so I did some digging and her story is actually pretty amazing. It actually can relate to most of us even if we aren't in the ballet world ALOT.

If you haven't seen the video from Facebook I'm referring to click here, it's pretty cool to learn more about what she's endured and had to overcome!

Like I said I did some digging just because I was so curious and took away 5 lessons after reading her amazing story which I think most network marketers can also relate to:

  1. It's never too late to get started!
    1. This is a BIG one and think about it most of us whether you're getting older in age or think to yourself there's no room for growth in a company feel like just giving up because you honestly think it's too late for you. LISTEN UP, it's never too late, how many times have you read of the college graduate who was in their 90's or even 100's finally graduating from college!
  2. Don't Use Money As An Excuse
    1. There's no price a person can put on pure PASSION!! If you love what you do, you can EASILY share your love freely in video or on social media and make sure you've surrounded yourself with AWESOME mentors who'll share with you what they did to get the success you want.
  3. Don't Let The Past Equal Your Future
    1. When you take a look at Misty's story if she would of let her past determine her future she would of given up a long time ago on her dream of being a ballerina because there was no one who looked like her successful in ballet. We all will be rejected and have to go over obstacles to achieve what MOST will not even come close to.
  4. Promote Brand YOU
    1. Believe in YOU!!!! Personal development, when you speak to ALL successful leaders no matter what industry they're in, will tell you they work on themselves EVERYDAY!!! Figure out what makes you or your business unique and totally RUN with it with the belief that it WILL work
  5. Seize The Moment
    1. Believe me we've tried this before BUT you won't be able to achieve ANYTHING by just playing it safe!!! Take risks and set a game plan to get you where you want!!

Did these tips benefit you? If so feel free to share comment below or share this with your teams!!

See you at the top!!

Lynette Bledsoe

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