June 25, 2015

The Blueprint To Your Success In Your Network Marketing Business Part 2

So yesterday I gave you the first 5 tips to being successful in your network marketing business so today you'll get the last 5.

If you haven't checked out the first 5 tips check them out HERE  

10 Tips To Being Successful In Your Network Marketing Company Cont..

  1. Equip Your Team For Success!! Create a mental picture in your mind that you are out to create successful leaders in your business! You have to turn off the "help button" and create an environment of self sufficient leaders.  Duplicate yourself from the very beginning  as quickly as possible. Think about it , as your team grows to the hundreds or thousands of people, there would be no way for you to help everyone. Encourage your team to create a culture amongst their team in their own style.
  2. Encouraging Others Is Important!! Great leaders understand this and know how to lift everyone up because it trickles down to the entire team. Your team feels a sense of security in who they are entrusting their future to, think about for some this is a big change that they have probably never done before. Always remember how you speak to others is a reflection of you.
  3. Ethical Leadership! I am DEFINITELY talking from experience on what I've seen in my many years in network marketing but this one I think is a BIG ONE!!! Do the right thing always no matter what. I've seen some of the most illegal, non-integrity things in my lifetime that in the end it ALWAYS came back to bit the leader where I've seen businesses get taken from some because they did something that was no in-compliance with the company. Guess what, the same the integrity you create in your team will be duplicated.
  4. Lead Your Team By Example! A saying my husband, Gary came up with a lone time ago was WDMD "What Duplicates Makes Dollars" What you do, your team will duplicate so never train your team on things that you are not even willing to do. Set the pace for your team by consistently recruiting new teammates into your business because believe me the speed of the leader creates the speed of the team. New teammates into your team ALWAYS creates excitement into the team!! Always work with the willing not the ones you've got to keep pulling. "Watch their feet, not their mouths!"
  5. Stay Until!! Choose a company that has integrity and momentum and stay the course!! Looking back at the company we're in, Now don't get me wrong, there are ALOT of companies in network marketing so I'm not saying stick with something that seems illegal or practicing unethical methods, which is something my husband and I actually experienced in our previous company which made us make a change for ourselves. I mean when you see a company that has success stories, is continuously seeing growth I've met so many people who had previously joined but then got discouraged and left who gets so upset when they rejoin the business and realize what they missed out on if they would have just stayed the course. We've seen lives literally change after just 2 years so can you imagine if those people quit, how their lives would be so different. You have to decide, you can either give up when it gets tough or stick through until.

Always remember we create our own destiny so whatever you work on, make sure that you ALL IN and giving it 100%!!

Did those tips help you? If so, feel free to comment and share these tips with your team, I'm sure they'll appreciate it!!

Lynette Bledsoe


  1. Great post following on from yesterdays! Especially like the last tip until! Thanks Lynette!