February 4, 2015

Is It Really Important To Stay Plugged Into A System In Your Network Marketing Company

When my husband, Gary and I first joined network marketing in 1997, we were definitely plugged into a system under the team we joined. Every week we attended 2 meetings that included an opportunity meeting for us to bring new prospects into the business while in the other room the representatives from our former company were holding their trainings. When we joined our 2nd network marketing company we were also plugged into their system. Not only did they hold weekly local meetings BUT they held national conference calls every Sunday night. So when we Gary & I started working together in 2008, we realized we needed to plug our national team into a system in which they could all be involved in no matter where they lived.  

I know sometimes reps/associates hesitant to recruit in other states because you think that they aren't going to get the support that they need from you BUT it's now 2015 and guess what, there's so much available at their fingertips that who can't be successful in this day and time.  

We've used plenty of things available to most of us to reach our national team like webinars, conference calls with individual teams and Skype. But I believe that the most important part of reaching your team is doing something. Whether that system is holding local meetings for your team or maybe going to a local diner so you could meet your leaders, anything that you stay consistent with because that's actually the key to any system you choose is consistency. 

And don't get discouraged because not everyone will follow your system or anyone else's system - WHY it's only because they're not ready to achieve any level of success. They are comfortable at where they are right now in their life and with those people nothing you say or do will ever change their mind. HOWEVER those who do follow the system you've created will achieve all their goals & dreams and see be as successful.

LET me just add this, if you're not sure of where to start as far as systems are concerned - use someone else. Whether it's someone who's doing conference calls, webinars whatever use that until you figure out what works best for you & your team because every team.

Do you currently have a system that has been successful for your business team? Please share

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