February 9, 2015

5 Key Tips For Working Your Network Marketing Business From Home

Working from home the last 7 years has been the best decision I've ever made because my commute is from my bedroom right over to my home office about a couple of steps away. 

For those of you who work from home, today's a great opportunity to do several things whether that's simply enjoy the day off with your children or re-organize your home office. But over the years I've come up with a couple of tips that may help you if you have just joined a new company and you are working from home. 

First, now that you have joined your new company create a specified space in your home where you will work from. Not only does this help you to stay organized in one place of your home but it's also counted as a tax deduction (contact your tax preparer) but it also a mental and visual thing. If you are like me, sometimes I'll leave things all over the place but when it comes to my business I put it right in my home office area the moment it comes off the UPS truck. 

Second, create a schedule for yourself from the moment you join your company. Figure out what goals you'd like to reach income wise and ask yourself where you would like to see yourself within the company after a couple of months. If you have an upline, let them know what your goals are so they can help you create an action plan to that will help you figure out how you should work your business on a daily basis. 

Third, don't get lazy!!! Sometimes working from home has their positives and sometimes it has it's negatives depending on the person. Working from home can easily turn into watching television, talking to friends on the phone or pretty much doing everything else that doesn't product productive results in your home business. It truly takes skill and determination to productively work from home to see the results and goals you are looking to achieve from your new business. 

Fourth, network with others and copy the right cat. In every home business company there are either local meetings or  online groups where you could connect with representatives within your company. Find a person or several people who you'd like to emulate. And this is where the journey begins, when you have a home business there's nothing wrong with "copying the right cat as long as that cat is the right cat" WHAT, it just means make sure that the person who you are following has the lifestyle you want or has the business you'd love to have one day. Watch these people carefully, see how they act in local seminars, on social media, basically everywhere because you will be doing the same thing. We've always told our national team do be careful on social media and try to stay away from issues concerning race, religion, or politics so that no one is ever offended. 

Fifth and most importantly HAVE FUN!!!! You are going to connect online & offline with some great people enjoy those relationships. Also, most people do not join a home business to have a 2nd boss so make sure you and your team are having fun because those people who honestly create a relationship with you, will never leave the company. Hold local get togethers just for your team maybe like a Monday Morning Coffee Club to talk about some plans for that week or maybe allow them to bring their children and have a picnic in the park. Most people have so much stress in life and in their home business that it's fun sometimes to just let your hair down. 

Do you work from home? What other tips have worked for you now that you work from home? 

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