August 18, 2014


MANY Avon representatives we've come across and have spoken to have asked us "What are you doing to see the results you are getting?"

What they don't realize is that we've been in Network Marketing for 17 years now and 6 of those years in our current company. The results we are seeing today of course did not pop out of nowhere. It's taken us years of listening to tapes, cds, attending workshops/webinars to figure out what the successful leaders in our industry are doing and how we can implement them in our own style.

I think Gary and I are the hardest working people I know, we don't just spend an hour a day on building our business, and we spend HOURS sometimes into the night trying to make sure we implement what we learn into action. I think the most common question we get is what the KEY is, what can I do NOW to get your results? There's not ONE thing that we do we do EVERYTHING everyday to get our results. Most times I think that people want to skip a step and just get down to a result HOWEVER keep in mind if being in Network Marketing was an EASY thing, you would have been a MILLIONAIRE already.

Remember, do today what others won't so you can have what others don't!! We do have some training that may actually help you on what we've learned over our 17 years in network marketing just click the Our Training Products tab above!!!

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