July 11, 2014

Summer HOT Tips For Your Network Marketing Business!!!! Day 5

Tip #5

Do you do plan activities with your team over the summer to keep them busy like summer camps, get-togethers or outdoor activities? GUESS WHAT, do the same thing with your business team!!

We have 3 children and we know that they love variety so while they are out at their activities why not use that time to yourself, which you all deserve, and connect with the contacts you've saved over the years or if you are new to network marketing connect with your contacts (use a memory jogger if you have to). Go through your telephone book, cellphone contacts & social media contacts most of us can probably find close to 1,000 if we really look at everyone we know.

Commit yourself to contacting at least 3 people a day from your list a day about your business. Don't forget the easiest people to contact?? Your Customers!!!! This is one of the most overlooked contacts I believe network marketers miss because of fear of losing a customer but these contacts are already loyal to the brand so imagine if they were getting a discount on the products they already use. They'd be your best representative!!!

We hope these tips help you and if you haven't done so contact the person who signed you up to go over over the goals you'd like to achieve over the summer so you can have someone who's cheering you on while you are shooting for your goals. Remember the speed of the leader determines the speed of your team!!

Hope these summer tip helps you & help us spread the word by LIKING, SHARING or TAGGING someone you think would benefit from this one

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