February 11, 2014

How Hard Is It To Really Sell AVON Online? Lynette Bledsoe Shares Tips On How To Get Your New Avon Business Off To A Fast Start

How Hard Is It To Really Sell AVON Online?

After 5 years my husband and I still get this question and sometimes the answers are so simple that people who find themselves looking into starting AVON are actually amazed once they do get started onto our team. Because my husband, Gary and I have been in network marketing since 1997 we make it simple for everyone on our national team to have a successful business no matter when they get started.

The beauty of our company is that is truly a household brand with products that are well known throughout the globe. And it's easy to simply either just show the brochures to your friends, family and fellow co-workers. We even have many representatives that are on our team who work strictly online with their business where Avon ships the customers directly to their customers home without having to make a single delivery.

When I first started AVON back in 2008, I worked full-time so to say that my time was limited was not the word but what I did take advantage was being at my job 5 days a week so guess what, my co-workers became my best customers because they trusted me and we already had a relationship so they were more than happy to purchase their products from me.

If you are new to AVON or considering signing up with AVON online, watch this video to get more ideas on how we can help you.

If you have any questions after watching this video feel free to ask me for more information!

Lynette Bledsoe

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