February 21, 2014

How Does It Feel To Win A BIG Trip For Free With Your Network Marketing Company?

Now I'll be truly honest, when I first started in my current company I never really saw myself as getting to the highest level of our company or really earning any of the yearly free trips that our company offers so I never looked that far ahead into how our business can grow.

Now if you've read my previous blogs you've seen how my husband and I were able to reach the highest level within the company after just 3 years. A month after getting that promotion, I went on my first trip with our network marketing company and let me tell you, even though this was supposed to simply be a meeting with the top leaders of our company I felt like a SUPERSTAR. Not only were our traveling expenses all paid for but so were our hotel, meals plus our free gifts. The one I was truly surprised about was the one from Tiffany & Co. After living in New York City my entire life I never could afford anything from this store so never even entered the store so to receive a gift like this for the first time was priceless to me.

No matter what company you are with, fight as hard as you can to move up because the luxuries and benefits are so worth it that the more people you can help to reach that top level, the more your business will be prosperous.

Here's a video from my most recent all expenses paid trip to Hawaii!!

See You At The Top!!!

Lynette Bledsoe

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