September 5, 2013

Build A National or Local Team In My Work At Home Business?!?!?!

Today was a great day of learning. First, my husband and I attended a conference call for our company, looks like there's lots of great changes to come to make us all successful in our company. Tonight, we held our National Team Only Webinar where we gave some recognition and explained some great incentives that are available. Trying to get as many of our national team with us to Mexico as we can because what's a FREE Trip with your company if your team's not there to celebrate and have fun too!!!

Now the reason why I've shared my day was because since the very beginning of joining my company I began to build nationally and locally. My upline had no clue why or how I was doing this but I understood from the very beginning because of our previous experience in network marketing that the top leaders in those companies had national teams. This is where technology plays a role in your business.

So I've heard the debate within the network marketing industry both inside and outside of our company whether or not to build locally or nationally. Now, what I am sharing is purely from my experience of over 16 years in network marketing so we can agree to disagree (my disclaimer, lol).

We've seen leaders time and time again focus on one city or their neighborhood by their choice and then devastion hits. Like most recently, a natural disaster hits their city like Hurricane Katrina in New Orleans or Sandy in New York City. We actually have representatives in both cities and when Hurricane Sandy hit last year, we had close to 100 reps in the NYC Tri-State area who were affected BUT because I recruited nationally from the very beginning my business was not affected as heavily as some of the leaders in my company who mainly built in the affected areas. Some leaders lost the majority of their business.

Let me also offer a disclaimer, this does not mean that I do not recruit in my area HECK NO, I work my business every weekend at a local business where we are promoting the opportunity of our business and am out daily prospecting for new recruits HOWEVER my husband and I have also created an online presence to attract new representatives from everywhere in the United States. As a matter of fact, as I sit here writing this blog I received a new lead wanting to join my company.

Just in the past 5 years with our company, we've been able to spread our team across 32 states and the majority of the top leaders on our team who have successful businesses in our company do not live anywhere near us so for us, our techniques have worked for us.

Now, we've been asked by so many within our company and outside of our company how the heck we were able to reach other states within such a short amount of time. So because of the need in this industry, my husband and I have put together a DVD series that can be used in no matter what direct sales company you are in. If you'd like to get more info on that DVD series simply go to this page for the "Creating An Online Presence For Beginners"

Do you prefer to build nationally or locally?   Please share your thoughts  ......

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