May 5, 2013

Are You Summer Ready? Curves Can Help!!

Start getting fit  while either taking a quick job or walking around in your neighborhood. 

 FREE Pedometer With $25 Purchase Plus
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 While you are working out with your new Curves sneakers , use these Curves cotton zipper socks either in black or blue. These are a perfect addition to your any workout plan

These skid-resistant active sneakers are perfect for either running outside or on a treadmill. 

This Curves Sport Pouch can help you keep your purse at home while you are getting fit at the gym. 

This Curves Support Top has a built-in bra and is machine washable. Great for upper body support during rigorous workouts. 

The Curves Ultimate Trimming Vest zips in the front and allows for support for your lower back while providing a trimmed look. 

These Curves Tummy Control Capri pants are a great addition to the Support Top mentioned above, not only will you get a great workout but you'll look great at the gym. 

Here's the Waist Trimmer from Curves, what's great about this it's one size fits all. 

Removable sleeve with zip and slip pockets plus a carry strap. I absolutely love this water bottle holder

Here's a Double Decker Food Storage Carrier with 2 separate storage compartments plus comes with a reusable fork & spoon. Cool right?

Here's a great Soup or Salad Container that actually comes with it's own spoon plus it's microwave-safe. 

So, do you think you are summer ready? Which of these products would do you think you'd use the most? 
Feel free to share your thoughts.....

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