April 24, 2013

Can You Really Work From Home?

I've always wondered if people who say they work from home are really telling the truth. Since 1999, I've dabbled in a couple of different network marketing companies however I never truly saw myself truly making it to the top level so like many others in the business I simply quit and went back to working my full time job.

Whenever someone joins a work at home company we are all looking for the keys to starting a home business but it seems to be an inside secret in some companies.  In 2008, while working a full time job I decided to join my current company and I honestly did it to receive the Avon representative discount but after connecting with so many leaders in the company who are truly there to share and help everyone, even those not in their team I realized that there were real ways to earn money from home with this company.

There honestly are not any rich quick companies and with any company you join you will have to have start up costs, there are no start your own business with no money down, those companies are probably ones you may want to be aware of.

My husband and I have been in our current company since 2008 and we have been fortunate to realize that with persistent and consistent you can build a large network from home. We currently have a national team of over 300 representatives and our ultimate goal for each and every one of them is to help them also become financially independent so that can change their family's destiny for generations to come. There are many tips to selling Avon and yes men sell Avon too. You can make money selling Avon online or sell throughout your network of friends or family. That's the beauty of this business the choice is up to you.

Here's a video featuring myself and my husband at our most recent Leadership Event in San Antonio, TX. If you are ready to join in on the fun connect with us today!!

Lynette & Gary