January 15, 2011

New Year, New Opportunity For YOU - Campaign 1 News and Highlights

Just Imagine.......

You can get a $25 Bonus on each new recruit who places a $50+ order in LOA .
On 10 recruits you would earn a $250 bonus

When those 10 recruits each place $125 order in each of their 2nd to 6th campaigns you can earn
up to a $1250 bonus

That's a total of $1500 in just three months!!!

I think everyone should take advantage of this new plan because Avon is leaving money on the table, it's up to those of us who are willing to go pick it up!!!


Let's Welcome Our Newest Avon Team Members

Berniece W

Terry R

Amanda V

Sonia G

Lisa S

Leslie M

Chasta L

Cynthia G

Theresa H

Jacqueline C

Maria A

Ashley L

Jennifer L

Niki M

Crystal F

Top Sales Representatives in Campaign 1

Berniece W - $389

Tara C - $349

Maria C - $309

Shannon W - $294

Rebeca J - $287

Michelle B (VA)- $242

Michelle B (MD) - $203

Tier B - $195

Tim C - $193

Anne D - $191

Give Your Sales—and Customers' Faces—a Lift in C-4

Beauty knows no bounds, and so it's only natural that Avon and ANEW would team up to provide a brand-new skin care product to help Customers look and feel younger. You've seen what anti-aging products have done for your sales in the past, and now you can put your 1st Quarter sales into overdrive with the debut of ANEW Clinical Lift & Firm Pro Serum in C-4.

Want a Visible Lift? Start Here!
ANEW's latest serum is Avon's visible face lifting product with two injectable-grade ingredients* to instantly give skin a tighter and more lifted look. Lift & Firm Pro combines an anti-gravity gel that contains injectable-grade PVP* (a skin-tightening polymer) and pro-firming beads that are formulated with injectable-grade Arginine* to help boost the production of elastin, crucial for skin firmness. In fact, a consumer perception study showed that 97% of the women who expressed an opinion said visible sagging was greatly improved in just three days!

"For those who aren't ready for lifting procedures, ANEW Clinical Lift & Firm Pro instantly tightens the look of skin, plus visibly restores youthful firmness over time," says Dr. Cheryl Karcher, M.D., a board-certified dermatologist and professional consultant for Avon. "Of course, it's not results-comparable to professional procedures, but it gives results you can see at a price you can afford."

The C-4 Brochure offers Lift & Firm Pro individually for the tremendous price of just $54, but the bargain doesn't end there! When your Customers purchase Lift & Firm Pro, they will receive a 5-Piece Beauty Collection FREE!** Valued at more than $50, this collection includes a Silver Cosmetic Bag, Outspoken by Fergie Body Lotion, Advance Techniques Volume Shampoo, SuperFull Waterproof Mascara (Black) and Glazewear Shine Lip Gloss (Mauve Movement).

Be a Clinical Success
Most certainly, your current ANEW skin care Customers will give you their undivided attention when you explain ANEW Clinical's latest anti-aging breakthrough—and for Customers who aren't using ANEW, this is the perfect opportunity to introduce them! It's also a great chance to show your Customers other ANEW Clinical products that can help them achieve the skin they desire.

"I don't just sell, I share," says Executive Unit Leader and Honor Society member Elizabeth Balestracci from Medford, New York. "I think of myself as a skin care consultant. My Customers are clients and my selling time is a consultation. The way I see myself changes the way Customers see me."

"The ANEW Clinical Conversational Skin Care Card makes it easy to talk to Customers about selecting an in-home skin care treatment," says Dawn Parrino, Unit Leader and President's Club member from Staten Island, New York. "I start with a compliment. 'You have beautiful skin.' Then I ask, 'Do you have a specific concern about your skin?' Then I show her the card. She can see for herself which products are right for her needs."

Closing the Sale
A key part of closing your skin care sale is to help Customers find the perfect skin care regimen, and to do that, have them take the ANEW Guide to Looking Younger Anti-Aging Skin Care Quiz. And for specific skin care selling tips, click here for the Skin Care Card and Skin Care Script.

Give your skin care Customers something to look forward to as they start off the New Year, and give yourself the chance to start the 1st Quarter with incredible earnings!

Avon Empowered This Unit Leader to Be Her Best

Jennifer Babec
Jennifer Babec's Avon Representative had just turned 86 and retired. Jennifer, of Joliet, Illinois, says, "I couldn't live without my Avon, and so in July 2006, I started selling it myself, at first to family and friends. I used the Power of 3. Every day I did three new things to improve my Avon business: from phone calls, to stopping in to new businesses, to getting new contacts. I recruited people. I did it for a whole year—it took my mind off my problems."

Jennifer, who works part-time for an insurance company, says, "Avon is an opportunity that I could fit into my schedule. My daughter was diagnosed with cancer at age five, in November 2007. A year later, my husband had two strokes a few months apart, and lost his job. He was incapacitated—he couldn't walk or talk. My husband and daughter were in separate hospitals. I had to go to my daughter's treatments by myself. But friends came by the house to help, and also looked after my seven-year-old son when I needed to be at the hospital."

In early 2008, Jennifer attended one of the meetings that Senior Executive Unit Leader Sue Mazza of Naperville, Illinois, holds regularly for her Downline. "I started with Sales Leadership, and this gave me an outlet not to think of my struggles and to just be me," Jennifer says. "I got inspired and did the things Sue said. I kept asking people to sign up. Emotionally, it empowered me to build my business. She said, 'You can do this. Who do you know that works for an office? Just call three people.' I worked hard at recruiting and the Power of 3 was amazing. It made it easy to achieve my goal of Unit Leader—in only six weeks!

"And I enjoy developing new Representatives. Sue has coached me by e-mail and in person, and I follow in her footsteps. Along with my Upline Karyn Petersen from DeKalb, Illinois, and my District Sales Manager, she's helped me the most. I also give my own Downline lots of contact, updating and checking in with them; being available for questions. I use e-mail, phone calls, meetings and personal contact—for example, when they pick up their brochures."

Jennifer also shows her Downline how to sell more, explaining, "I e-mail them with key news to keep them excited and informed, and I teach strategies like 'adding on.' If a Customer buys a shampoo, ask her if she'd like a new round brush or the new straightener. I teach my Representatives to review their Customers' orders, so they can say, 'This is on sale, or maybe you'd want this.' I tell them to always have a demo when they drop off orders—it's 'show and tell'!

"Most of my Downline work for big offices, so they base their businesses there. I teach them about recruiting and help them develop business management plans. We also go through their contact lists together to pick out key potential Recruits, and give out What's New bags, which contain brochures and order books, to friends and family—that's all they need to sell. You give them a discount for helping you, and they may turn into Recruits! We distribute brochures and take orders at office buildings—there are several businesses in one stop. One building's right across the street from my daughter's doctor, so it's very convenient."

Jennifer advises her Downline, "Utilize your Web site at yourAVON.com. Tell people they can shop online and get Direct Ship or free shipping by a Representative. A lot of people don't know that. And there are more items on the Web site—it's the 'big' brochure, and they'll shop more."

Jennifer, who has achieved President's Club and also earned awards for largest Sales Increase and high recruitment, explains her success: "What has helped me is being present in my business, meeting with Sue and putting work into it. To grow your business, you must put work into it. With Avon, you can send out e-mails at midnight; you can always fit it into your day. You can block out a time from 8–10 to work on your business."

Jennifer sees her next goal ahead and says, "I am planning to achieve Advanced Unit Leader—we see more Customers and give out more brochures during the holidays than at any other time. I'm working with one of my Representatives now to help her achieve Unit Leader. We've put special holiday recruiting bookmarks in the brochures, and she'll also give her Customers What's New bags."

Jennifer's time also goes to helping others. She explains, "I do charity work—I run blood drives and give out brochures at the same time. I also participate in a relay that helps cancer patients, and do Avon fund-raisers for that organization. Avon really dovetails with my life."

She's also very glad to say, "My daughter's treatment was completed in July—she's in remission and ready to live a 'normal life' now. My husband is better too, and he's found a new job. Financially and emotionally, my Avon business helped us get through."

And Jennifer says it's done more than that, adding, "I'm surprised at how my journey has enlightened me. My first blood drive was in July 2008, and I started doing the relay when my daughter got sick. This year, I'm on a committee, and I spoke in front of 3,800 people for a lymphoma organization. It was heart-wrenching, but Avon has given me confidence. I had no control over cancer or my husband's strokes, but I did have control over my Avon business, and I'll never be able to thank Avon enough for empowering me to be my best. It's the perfect fit."

Ways to Avoid Online Scams and Fraud

For quite some time now Avon has made a concerted effort to keep you apprised of the latest scams and the ways in which you can protect yourself from the criminals who run them. Unfortunately, these scams are on the increase.

Newer versions are constantly being created and as a result, Avon has updated yourAVON.com with some additional information to help protect you, our Representatives, from such fraudulent activities. It is more important than ever to constantly keep in mind the numerous frauds and scams that are being used. Most importantly, never send money to a stranger using a money transfer service, and beware of purchases or deals that seem too good to be true.

Click here to view some of the best practices for avoiding fraud when conducting your Avon business.

Avon Hobbyist's Sales Soar!

A Representative's story reveals her unyielding determination and perseverance.
Rose Ehrhardt
For most of her 24 years as a Representative, Rose Ehrhardt of Alicia, Arkansas, sold Avon as a hobby. She loved selling Avon and interacting with her Customers, but she devoted the greater part of her time to her career as a high-school mathematics teacher and to her community. Twice, she was elected alderman, and twice, she was appointed mayor (after the former mayor's resignation). Only within the last few years did Rose try for President's Club, and with encouragement from her former District Sales Manager, Sandra Evans, she also reached Honor Society.

But in 2008, a dream gripped Rose so powerfully that it stirred her out of what she now calls "limbo" to achieve it. She would commit an exorbitant number of hours and display tireless energy in pursuit of that dream—to meet award-winning actor Patrick Dempsey in Hollywood. By competing with other Representatives to achieve Top Seller status in her Division, Rose could make her dream come true.

"I wasn't sure that I could do it, but my husband, Cleatus, urged me to take the challenge," she says. Yet, how would she achieve her goal? Her Customers were mainly from Alicia, a small town with a population of about 145. Rose planned strategically and plotted a course of action to canvass houses, stores, gas stations, nursing homes and senior citizen–complexes in the surrounding towns, telling her story and distributing brochures and samples. She employed every technique she could imagine to increase her sales—and people responded. Rose's sales skyrocketed to $10,000 in just one campaign.

Her single-minded focus, her planning and strategizing, her goal-setting and unrelenting determination won Rose the award she desired! When asked how much time she expended, she replies, "Oh gosh, probably a month or more of work including prior preparation and selling."

During this whirlwind selling period, Rose was still recovering from the first of several tragedies that would befall her. Her older sister, Louise, had passed away in March 2008, and that had given Rose yet another reason to immerse herself in the pursuit of her goal.

Thrilled by her success, she looked forward to the excitement of actually meeting Patrick Dempsey. But right before the trip, Rose was faced with yet another misfortune—her mother died in January 2009. Deeply saddened and distressed by her loss, Rose was hesitant about taking the trip. Yet again her husband, Cleatus, helped her to sort out her feelings. "You've got to go; you've earned it," he said. So Rose went after all. Her accomplishment, she says, was the proudest moment in her Avon career, and adds, "Patrick Dempsey was wonderful—such a nice man."

When she returned from her trip to meet the star, another challenge motivated her—the opportunity to win a cruise to the Bahamas! "Again, my husband really supported me with this goal," she says. Rose hit the ground running, telling her story and selling in a flurry of activity as before. But life again marred her happiness and expectations—the one person whom she deeply loved and respected, the person who was always there for her, her confidant and partner, Cleatus, died unexpectedly at the early age of 55. "Within one year, I lost three significant loved ones," Rose explains.

She was in a state of shock and devastated by the loss. Yet again she was faced with a dilemma: should she continue her pursuit or give in to her grief? Cleatus was not there to advise her. But upon reflection, she knew what her husband would have wanted her to do. So Rose pushed herself tirelessly to reach her goal, seeking relief from her unyielding sorrow and loneliness. Her sales reached $18,000 in eight weeks, and another of her dreams was realized.

What gave Rose the strength to persevere despite these ordeals? "My faith in God keeps me going. Without it I wouldn't get up and go," she explains. "And there are my students; they're like my grandbabies, and my Customers, who are like family. I couldn't let them down. And sometimes it helps just to cry."

Rose has now reached Rose Circle status. Her advice to Representatives faced with challenges is: "Keep your goal in front of you. You've got to know where you're headed and make sure nothing stops you. If there's a wall, climb it. If life knocks you down, get back up and keep going. If you really want something, you'll find a way to achieve it. And enjoy the journey."

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