January 26, 2011

Campaign 2 News and Success Stories


Let's all welcome our newest teammates onto the team!!

Vinu A

Ira D

Elisa M

Lesa M

Jennifer M

Mary A

Rikki G

Carlos R

Ashley V

Debra R

Rick W

Michael M

Annabelle M

Roberta R

Top Recruiter in Campaign 2

Maria C - 5

Way To Go Maria!!!

Top 10 Sales Representatives in Campaign 2

Tara C - $465

Rebeca J - $412

Amy M - $345

Sonya Y - $339

Linda C - $313

Maria C - $309

Heidy A - $308

Amanda V - $271

Sabrina C - $267

Shannon W - $266

Congratulations, Ladies!!!!

Just Imagine.......

You can get a $25 Bonus on each new recruit who places a $50+ order in LOA .
On 10 recruits you would earn a $250 bonus

When those 10 recruits each place $125 order in each of their 2nd to 6th campaigns you can earn
up to a $1250 bonus

That's a total of $1500 in just three months!!!

I think everyone should take advantage of this new plan because Avon is leaving money on the table, it's up to those of us who are willing to go pick it up!!!

"Kiss & Sell" with Ultra Color Rich Moisture Seduction Lipstick in C-5

Lipsticks have always been a great door opener throughout Avon's history, and the introduction of Ultra Color Rich Moisture Seduction Lipstick SPF 15 will be no different. Headlining a magnificent Color Salein the C-5 Brochure, this is a tremendous opportunity for you to put some sizzle in your 2011 sales.

Seductive Savings on the Makeup She Craves
Our Moisture Seduction Lipstick comes in 10 bold, bright shades wrapped around an intense infusion of hydration that saturates lips with a moisture boost of up to 500%. Simply put, this is our most moisture-infused lipstick, providing Customers with smooth lips and lush color.

The best news for your Customers—aside from sexy lips—is the price. Ultra Color Rich Moisture Seduction Lipstick debuts at the Buy Now & Save price of just $4.99 (will be $8) each! In addition to this exciting debut, you can also provide your Customers with other color and beauty products to round out their look … at unbelievable prices. The C-5 Brochure includes 30 pages of our most popular color products, ranging from Avon's Super Mascaras to ANEW Age-Transforming Foundation SPF 15, at prices your Customers won't be able to resist. It's an ideal opportunity to leverage your Moisture Seduction Lipstick sales into even bigger earnings!

Spread the Word
To help maximize your earnings potential with our latest lipstick, be sure to wear Ultra Color Rich Moisture Seduction Lipstick and other Avon Color products on your sales calls, when you're out shopping or just visiting friends. Then, have samples and demos on hand to pass out to potential Customers so they can experience Moisture Seduction Lipstick for themselves. It will definitely be a conversation starter, one in which you can give Customers a chance to experience the newest of Avon's highly popular lipsticks, so they can add it to their overall look.

Become a Lip Expert
Learn how to be your Customers' go-to lip expert. Log on to the Beauty of Knowledge section of yourAVON.com to learn how. Remember, when you wear Moisture Seduction Lipstick yourself, it's a surefire way to get your Customers' attention and generate sales. Plus, take the time to connect with your Sales Leadership Upline and District Sales Managers, who can provide you with helpful tips on how to best leverage our newest product into increased earnings.

Take advantage of the fact that lipstick has always been a mainstay of Avon's beauty business—become a "lipmaster" and watch your sales grow. Ultra Color Rich Moisture Seduction Lipstick is the sexiest thing to touch lips since the kiss!

My story was recently feature in Avon's Rep Times...
Lynette is shown here with her husband Gary and son Jeremiah.
Communication Is the Key to This Advanced Unit Leader's Multi-State Team

"No team member should feel alone in her Avon business."
Only with Avon for two-and-a-half years, Advanced Unit Leader (AUL) Lynette Bledsoe of Valley Stream, New York, has quickly increased her Avon business, doubling her team from 50 to 100 members nationwide in the past year alone.

Lynette and her husband Gary had tried other direct selling companies. She recalls, "My husband and I struggled for years in those companies because people weren't willing to pay the high startup costs. Avon's low cost to join and the product prices made Avon the company for me. And everybody knows what Avon does—they've heard of it—so I didn't have to explain the concept. I'd seen the Avon commercials, and contacted Senior Executive Unit Leader (SEUL) Rosemarie Kahn of Levittown, New York, and signed up. If I could recruit members to those other businesses with their $200 startup fees, I could certainly recruit members to Avon for only $10!

"When I started with Avon," Lynette explains, "I was also working at another job, but when they required me to switch to the night shift, I resigned and took my Avon business full-time. I have three school-age children, and I needed to be home for them. I joined Sales Leadership right away and was able to earn bonus checks. It took me about a month to reach Unit Leader (UL), and another seven for AUL. I also achieved President's Club, which I believe is the minimum Representatives should achieve to really reap the benefits of the sales commission. I'm also pursuing a B.A. in business administration, so I appreciate Avon's flexibility. I use the daytime for Avon and my studies, and my nights are for my children and returning Avon calls.

"I build my sales level by using Helpers—so I can focus on Sales Leadership—and by ordering about 120 brochures per campaign," Lynette says. "One of my Helpers works at my daughter's elementary school, so she collects orders and money from the teachers. Before I had Helpers, my sales came mainly from giving out brochures, which I always have in my car. I have an Avon sign on it which my husband bought, so sometimes people call. Half my brochures go to my Helper and half get distributed—at the grocery store (I leave them in front with the other literature) and wherever I go on the weekend, wherever it's busy, and to my son's old preschool. I also offer incentives to my current Customers, such as discounts and free products for referrals or for higher orders.

"My 'aha' moment came when I realized I needed to make sure my ULs were supported, and that I also needed to keep in contact with their new Recruits," Lynette explains. "Constant contact with my team, through phone, e-mail and Facebook, gives me a better understanding of what each member wants to achieve, so I can help. My team is all across the country—I have ULs in Texas and Virginia. Half my team members are in other states and signed up online. One is in the military and moves every two years! For online signups, I send a welcome e-mail with a picture of what's in the Appointment Kit. Avon e-mails me when the kit's on the way and I set up a phone appointment to go over it. Online signups help because I try not to make appointments at night.

"Every campaign," Lynette adds, "I create a newsletter for my Downline that lists new Recruits, top recruiters and sellers, new sales tips and information on Incentives. My sources are Leadership Update (part of Downline Manager), eNews and the Representative Times. I make sure team members have the tools they need, including samples, flyers and the exact Incentive requirements. I scan those and send them out. And if my team has questions, they ask. It's a virtual District Sales Meeting, and it's effective. So many team members participated in one Incentive that I won an iPod Nano! I'll always be there to help, but I encourage attending local meetings, because what works here may not work there. I have one Representative in Georgia who leaves 600 brochures in driveways—that's a tip she heard from a top seller at her local meeting. Lead the Way stories also help my team because Sales Leadership Representatives from different regions are profiled, and it's not always the top, top person."

Lynette also takes Level One of every Advance Order Opportunity and advises her team to do the same. "That way we have the latest products on hand before they're in the brochures," she explains, "and when Avon advertises those products through commercials or brochures, we're ready for the Customers. I also hold my own team Incentive for new Representatives who place a first order of $400 or more; they'll receive a $50 bundle of samples and trial size products. That's a tip I picked up from SEUL Lisa Wilber of Weare, New Hampshire."

Lynette's team goes out prospecting together or to District events to find new Recruits. She says, "Although I communicate consistently with my out-of-state Sales Leadership Representatives, their District Sales Managers help them with recruiting, for which I'm grateful. Rosemarie taught me to keep the door of communication open so no team member feels like they're in this business alone, and I explain that to my Sales Leadership Representatives so they can develop their own teams.

"I'm working hard every day to achieve Executive Unit Leader and then SEUL in the next year-and-a-half, by being supportive to my ULs to help them move up and also working with their District Sales Managers. The tips I get from different SEULs also guide me. I speak to some of them on Facebook and also get tips from other Representatives online. A key to my success has been utilizing my personal social media pages, which has also led to increased Customers and Recruits. I share what's on sale and of course, the Avon Opportunity. I believe that in this ever-changing technological world, we have to promote ourselves creatively."

Tax time is fast approaching. Here are answers to some of the most common questions to help you prepare. Note: Each individual's circumstances will vary, and you may want to consult your local IRS office or tax expert for specific details.

Q: What is a 1099 form?
A: A 1099 is a tax form sent to Representatives who have purchased $5,000 or more in merchandise or who have earned prizes and awards valued at $600 or more.

Q: When will I receive my 2010 1099 form?
A: Qualifying Representatives are sent their 1099 forms by January 31. They should be received by February 15. If you qualify for the form and do not receive it by that date, please call a Customer Care Specialist. If our records have an incorrect mailing address for you, the Customer Care Specialist will update our records and ask you to call a toll-free number to the Avon Accounts Payable Department.

Q: Should I file an income tax return?
A: Since you are self-employed, you must file a federal tax return and pay self-employment tax, if you had net earnings—the amount after yourbusiness expenses have been deducted—of $400 or more from self-employment during the year. You may also have to file a tax return for other reasons.

Q: How do I figure out earnings from my Avon business?
A: Your earnings are the amount you sell to your Customers, minus the amount you paid Avon for the merchandise, minus all your businessdeductions. You must also include the value of prizes and awards you receive from Avon. Also, Demo Certificates are included in 1099 reporting requirements, in the year they are redeemed.

For more help, click here or go to yourAVON.com, click on the My Account tab, click on Tax Information and then 2010 Tax Flyer/Q&A.

Robert Bettiga, also known as Bob-the-Avon-Guy and his wife and co-applicant, Jeanette.

One Phone Call Away from Success

This 82-year-old male Representative reveals his strategies for success.
"Nobody in town knows who Bob Bettiga is, but everybody knows Bob-the-Avon-Guy," says Robert Bettiga of Corpus Christi, Texas. This former navy man and financial planner started his Avon business at the age of 75 in 2003. You might say he inherited it. His wife, Jeanette,was an Avon Representative. She was doing well but after two elbow replacements her activities were limited, so she began to lose Customers. "Well I can fix that; I'll sell Avon," Bob said with his signature confidence and enthusiasm.

"In nothing flat, I was doing so well that Jeanette quit and signed up as my co-applicant, and we've been a team ever since. Jeanette handles all the computer work, and I do most of the contact with people," Bob explains. In just two years, he achieved McConnell Club and one year later President's Council. Bob realized early that his Avon business is a path to rebuild their retirement money, maintain their lifestyle and keep him, a self-described hyperactive person, involved for many years.

Asked how his sales soared so quickly, Bob replied, "I do what Avon has been espousing for 125 years and it works every time. But very few Representatives do it. When asked to speak at Representatives' meetings about my system, I start with these questions: How many give out an Avon Brochure? All the hands go up. How many put a label with your contact information? Out of 200 people, 180 hands go up. How many get Customers' contact information? Maybe 125. How many call that person within a week for an order? Just 12 hands go up. Of course they don't get orders," he says.

Bob's take on why it's not done: "Too many Representatives don't want to invest time and energy into their business." Bob and Jeanette work eight hours a day, five days a week. "I incorporate my Avon business into everything I do."

He also emphasizes goal-setting; approaching one new person a day to be a Customer, Recruit or Helper; and that Representatives should use Avon products themselves. He urges them to find out what their Downline members want from their businesses and to set each of them on a course to achieve it.

Each campaign, Bob calls every Customer who has not sent him an order—usually over 100 of them and his success rate is excellent. "It's a no-brainer," he says.

"Bob is admired by all of the Representatives in his District, and he will help anyone succeed even if not in his Sales Leadership Unit," says his District Sales Manager, Janet Henry.

Bob and Jeanette lead rich, exciting lives, but there have been hurdles. Jeanette has made three trips to the Mayo Clinic for surgery, and Bob had back surgery four years ago, as well as surgery on his neck, spine and rotator cuff; three cancer surgeries; and radiation treatment.

Despite these upsets, this dynamic duo has never missed an order in their seven years selling Avon together. Their sales are 33% ahead of last year's, and they're on target to reach President's Council for the fifth consecutive time!

Both Bob and Jeanette take time to share their good fortune with others in their community. At Thanksgiving, they arrange with the local cafeteria to serve meals to people they know without a place to go. And at Christmas they "adopt" a couple of families apiece and make sure they have a joyous holiday.

"I like people. I want to help them get what they want, and Avon is the perfect vehicle to make that happen. It's real easy to get in to, doesn't cost much at all and the company gives you credit to start your own business. It is a business—you've got to invest in it!" exclaims Bob-the-Avon-Guy.

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