July 30, 2010

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Attract New Customers and Boost Your Earnings with Three Exciting Beauty Campaigns

The summer heat can take a toll on you, but now is your chance to take your earnings to sizzling levels with three tremendous Beauty opportunities. It all kicks off in C-18 with Avon’s newest fragrance, Rare Diamonds, and continues to C-20 with the ANEW Customer Search Event. In between, Customers will be able to customize their look and maximize their savings with the Super Eye Event in C-19.

Capture the Brilliance
Packaged in a brilliant bottle with faux jewel-faceted details, Rare Diamonds Eau de Parfum Spray has a sophisticated scent of sparkling plum blossom, diamond orchid and cashmere woods, which promises to capture every Customer’s imagination with style and grace … all for just $23.

To help maximize your earnings potential with our latest elegant fragrance, Customers will receive a FREE Silvertone Tennis Bracelet with Rhinestone Accents with every Rare Diamonds Eau de Parfum Spray they purchase. Be sure to wear both the fragrance and bracelet on your sales calls, when you’re out shopping or visiting friends and of course, have samples and demos on hand to pass out to potential Customers so they can experience Rare Diamonds for themselves. It will definitely be a conversation starter, one in which you can give Customers a chance to experience the newest of Avon’s highly popular fragrances so they can add it to their fragrance “wardrobe.”

A Super Way to Increase Customers and Earnings
Following the debut of Rare Diamonds, the C-19 Brochure gives you a prime opportunity to attract new Customers and entice your current ones with the Super Eye Event featuring eight pages of some of Avon’s most popular eye products. The Super Eye Event provides Customers the chance to mix and match their favorite eye essentials, all at special low prices.

In fact, the more eye products Customers buy from pages 4–11 of the C-19 Brochure, including our Super Mascaras, Big Color Eye Pencils and our popular True Color Eyeshadow Quad, the more money they’ll save—and the more money you’ll earn. The eyes certainly have it in C-19 … and your bottom line will thank you!

Introduce Customers to ANEW Now
Rounding out the beauty trio are the ANEW Regimen Starter Kits in the C-20 Brochure. The ANEW Rejuvenate Skin Revitalizing System, ANEW Reversalist Skin Renewal System and ANEW Ultimate Age Defying System each offer Customers 3 try-it size items and 1 full-size product … all this for just $25 per kit, a savings of more than $30.

The C-20 Brochure features all three value-priced starter kits and provides you with an ideal way to reach new Customers and to hook existing ones, thanks to ANEW’s innovative skin care regimens. Prepare your Customers for this amazing opportunity by using the ANEW Guide to Looking Younger Anti-Aging Skin Care Quiz to help guide them to the perfect ANEW skin care regimen.

In addition, when you sell any two ANEW Regimen Starter Kits in C-20 (and C-21), you earn a FREE ANEW Lapel Pin—and that’s not all. The top 25 Representatives who sell the most ANEW Regimen Starter Kits from the #1-selling District in the country will win a three-night trip to New York City! See the C-20 What’s New for all the exciting details.

Beauty knows no boundaries, so take full advantage of these tremendous offers and watch your Customers—and your wallet—grow!

Avon's New Shade Palette

Introducing Avon’s New Shade Palette
Formulated for Deeper Skin Tones

By celebrity makeup artist PAUL INNIS

Open a whole new world of color to Customers with deeper skin tones with Avon’s new Ideal Shade palette of foundations, concealers and powders. With a new formula and new shades your Customers will be able to find the perfect match for them, and that means repeat sales for you!

In order to change the palette Avon called on celebrity makeup artist Paul Innis, who has perfected the looks of many “A-List” stars and internationally recognized supermodels. Paul teamed up with Avon’s Global Product Innovation and North American Marketing groups to custom-develop each new foundation shade, so now there’s a more precise match for everyone. Under Paul’s guidance Avon’s color lab was able to develop an expanded palette, which includes new shades uniquely formulated to flatter deeper skin tones.

“My new expanded line of shades for deeper skin tones is custom-created with up to 55% more color pigment than previous shades in the deep range … for a less ashy, truer match,” Paul says.

There are six new shades, ranging from Caramel to Rich Espresso, in two foundation formulas: Ideal Shade Liquid Foundation for featherlight medium coverage with a natural, satin finish or Ideal Shade Cream-to-Powder Foundation for flawless medium-to-full coverage with a natural matte powder finish.

Our Ideal Shade Concealer Stick has four new shades, and Ideal Shade Powder in Pressed and Loose is available in five new shades, ranging from Medium Deep to Mocha.

Seeing Is Believing
When it comes to matching skin tones, seeing is believing, so take advantage of the Ideal Shade Makeup Premium Introductory Samples for deeper skin tones. They’re shown in your C-18 What’s New and available for a limited time only. There are two Ideal Shade Foundation Sample Bundles: Liquid Foundation and Cream-to-Powder Foundation bundles. Each bundle of 6 samples—one of each new, deeper shade—sells for $4. To find the best match, have your Customers apply shades to the jawline and choose the shade that blends best.

There’s also an Ideal Shade Foundation Shade Selector for 50¢. It features the entire line of 17 shades. Simply hold this clear sheet next to your Customer’s jawline and the right shade will blend with her skin.

Build the Sale with Skin Care
Don’t miss the chance to tell them you’ve got their skin care needs covered, too. Since beautiful skin provides the optimal base to a flawless look, take this opportunity to ask your Customers what they’re using on their skin. Then offer ANEW samples. ANEW Rejuvenate is preferred by Customers with oily skin and enlarged pores. ANEW Reversalist is preferred by those with uneven skin tone. Follow up with the ANEW Regimen Starter Kits coming in C-20 and C-21 for only $25 each.

Avon Introduces Two New Celebrity Partners

Avon has always enjoyed the privilege of securing high-profile celebrities to showcase our products. Reese Witherspoon, Suze Orman, Derek Jeter, ZoĆ« Saldana and Patrick Dempsey are just a few of those with whom we’ve recently partnered, with great benefit to both our product sales and philanthropic efforts. That is why we’re extremely excited to introduce two new additions to the Avon family: Keri Hilson and Paul Innis.

Award-winning singer, songwriter and music producer Keri Hilson will become the new face of the ever-popular Imari and Imari Seduction beginning in C-17. The native of Decatur, Georgia, (a suburb of Atlanta) is thrilled at the prospect of partnering with Avon. “I believe that when women are empowered, they can make their dreams a beautiful reality,” says Keri.

Celebrity makeup artist Paul Innis has helped Avon to create a new shade palette, uniquely formulated to flatter deeper skin tones, for our Ideal Shade makeup line. “My expanded line of shades for deeper skin tones is custom-created with up to 55% more color pigment than previous shades in the deep range … for a less ashy, truer skin-tone match,” says Paul.

The new Ideal Shade palette, which debuts in C-18, was a joint effort between Paul and Avon’s color lab. Now every one of your Customers can find the perfect match and that means repeat sales for you!

The Ideal Shade line includes liquid foundation, cream-to-powder foundation, concealer stick, and pressed and loose powders.

Want More Customers? Order More Brochures!

Reaching more Customers is the key to achieving sales success and, the most important tool to help you do this is the Avon Brochure. As your “Avon Store,” the brochure is essential to attracting new Customers and keeping your loyal Customers shopping.

It’s a very simple equation: more brochures = more Customers. And that automatically translates into positive earnings for you. Leaving a brochure on a countertop at a local business is a good recipe for success … but, go further and follow up with your Customers.

For just a few extra dollars spent on brochures, you’ll see your business grow.

Big Tip
Challenge yourself. Buy 30 additional brochures each campaign.
Then plan to make personal contact with three prospective Customers every workday!

Yes, She Can, and So Can Her Downline

This Executive Unit Leader enjoys challenges, and motivates and trains others
to achieve and realize their potential, too.

Sherrie Bennett
“Determined” might be the best word to describe Sherrie Bennett, an Executive Unit Leader from Elgin, Texas, with 400 people in her Downline, who also works full-time and is very involved with her community and family. In 1979, when she was a single mother looking to supplement her income as a state employee, she found Avon and it felt like the perfect fit.

Sherrie isn’t shy. She went door-to-door and did lots of follow-up, which built her sales level and grew her Customer base. Sherrie found Customers everywhere: at work, at local businesses, at church and online. And so, her Avon business took off.

Sherrie likes challenges and setting goals. They drive her to excel, and led her to Sales Leadership. She says, “I also wanted to prove to everyone who said I couldn’t do it that I could. I am very determined and strong-willed, so if someone says ‘no, you can’t,’ I will do everything to show them that ‘yes, I absolutely can!’ ”

Sherrie is also motivated by being part of an Avon team, because teammates can encourage each other and get excited by the other’s success. She explains, “My ‘aha’ moment that helped me get to where I am now is that I realized you can’t do it alone. I really enjoy working with others and helping them achieve their goals and realize their potential.”

So, how does this terrific motivator guide and mentor her Downline? One way is by holding meetings locally. Since Sherrie’s small town is about an hour-and-a-half away from her District, she helps her Downline to build their Customer base by holding meetings in the area. She understands the importance of training, and gives appreciation gifts to Downline members who take part in at least five training classes.

Sherrie says, “As for selling beauty products, I try and instill in my Downline that training is key. I encourage them to take part in the Beauty of Knowledge. I also have a Beauty Advisor in my Downline and she holds classes where we talk about the products and how to sell them. I also tell them that all the information they need is at their fingertips on yourAVON.com.”

At Sherrie’s meetings, Downline members share what they enjoyed most about the training. She elaborates, “Everyone would get so excited and motivated. I could absolutely see a difference in their sales as a result.”

When it comes to teaching her Downline how to recruit, Sherrie takes the hands-on approach. She says, “Another way I help my Downline recruit new Representatives is by going out with them and showing them how it’s done. I also make sure to help them stock up on all the supplies they will need.”

But Sherrie also finds e-mail to be a useful supplement to all the face-to-face contact she provides, and sends her Downline e-mails that share training tips and selling ideas. And another advantage to those is that her Downline can then forward them onto their Downline members.

As committed as this Executive Unit Leader is to her Downline, and as busy as she is working full-time, being involved in Sunday school and taking care of her grandchildren, what are her plans for the future? Sherrie answers, “I keep saying one of these days I will retire and commit to Avon full-time.” It’s easy to believe that whatever goal Sherrie Bennett sets for herself, with her determination, it’s in her reach.

Come to the C-18 Sales Meeting

Participate in Avon’s Skin Care Clinic 2 and take your business to new heights!
More Skin Care training is what you asked for and Avon’s Skin Care Clinic 2 at the C-18 Sales Meeting has it! Walk in ready to learn and walk out with everything you need to know to take your Skin Care business to new heights. Don’t miss this opportunity to enhance your Skin Care selling skills—it’s the #1 way to grow your Avon business. Plus, you’ll get a sneak peek of two new ANEW anti-aging skin care breakthroughs: ANEW Platinum Night Cream and ANEW Platinum Serum coming in C-23.

Grab a friend and come share your selling tips with your District at your C-18 Sales Meeting.

Contact your District Sales Manager for more details.

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