June 15, 2010

June 15th Highlights and News

Top 10 Sellers In Campaign 12

Michelle B $1211

Maria C $1025

Heather J $825

Rebeca J $728

Sonya Y $322

Rameena J $313

Linda C $303

Ashley B $290

Lindsey K $260

Debra I $258

Welcome New Representatives

Catherine S

Annmarie D

Erika P

Top Recruiter

Rameena J - 1


A Summer of Super Hits Can Lead to Super Earnings

With a number of exciting Incentives and terrific summer value, now is the ideal time to seek out new Customers and to keep in contact with your current ones. The launch of ANEW Emulsions in C-16 and Advance Techniques Frizz Control Lotus Shield in C-17 will definitely draw your Customers’ attention and heat up your earnings.

Take the 14-Day ANEW Emulsions Challenge
Skin Care represents a significant earnings opportunity, and the latest ANEW products can help you earn even more. Introduce Customers to ANEW Emulsions through the ANEW Emulsions challenge: “Whatever your age … look up to 5 years younger in just 14 days; satisfaction guaranteed or your money back.” ANEW Emulsions—intensive, time-transcending night moisturizers—are fortified with a powerful polypeptide complex and visibly repair the early, moderate or advanced signs of aging, which can help Customers look up to 5 years younger in just 14 days.

Build your Skin Care sales with two offers that you won’t want to miss in the C-16 What’s New: the Super Earner Opportunity and the Special Representative Offer. The Super Earner Opportunity gives you Full Award Sales and 50% earnings on every ANEW Emulsions bundle of three products that you purchase and includes three matching Day Creams—the free Gift With Purchase in the C-16 brochure.

When selling Beauty, it helps to customize your approach to your Customers’ specific needs, and you can do that with the ANEW Guide to Looking Younger Anti-Aging Skin Care Quiz Use it to identify complete skin care regimens for your Customers, and to recommend skin care products that address the first signs of aging, moderate signs of aging, or advanced signs of aging.

Frizz Is Finished
Already a leader in Skin Care, Avon has now added salon-quality hair care products with the introduction of Advance Techniques Frizz Control Lotus Shield. The C-17 What’s New gets you started with the Super Earner Opportunity of guaranteed 50% earnings on a Frizz Control three-pack, as well as an Advance Techniques Frizz Control Hair Care Bundle for just $30 (a $41.95 value). Both the Super Earner Opportunity and the Hair Care Bundle will provide you with all the necessary tools to jump-start your hair care business with an Advance Techniques line that is sure to become a best seller.

Customers will get the hair control they crave with Frizz Control Lotus Shield, which uses breakthrough technology to instantly eliminate frizz and defy up to 97% of humidity. The leave-in treatment forms a lightweight barrier that helps block out humidity to fight frizz without weighing hair down, keeping hair smooth for three days.*

As an added bonus, when you order any ANEW Night Emulsion that bills in C-16, and order at least three Advance Techniques Frizz Control Lotus Shields that bill in C-17, you’ll earn a free Avon Signature Tote Bag (a $34.99 value). See the Count Me In! flyer you received in your C-11 (TS C-12) order or the C-16 or C-17 What’s New for further details on this Special Representative Bonus Incentive.

The summer is the perfect time to get away, but don’t let a vacation keep you from the increased earnings you can easily achieve. Building your Customer base with these Super Hits is one of the best ways to accomplish your goals. Customer will thank you for helping them save money, but they will also become loyal shoppers, which always means good things for you!

*After one week of product use.

Latest Anew Emulsions commercial

Ten Steps to Better Organization and Sales
Make your home office work for you in more ways than one.

The midpoint of the year is a good time to pause and take stock of what you’re doing day-to-day to keep your Avon business organized. Proper organization leads to good results. Here are ten tips, culled from expert organizers, to keep your office and business in optimal working order.

1. Visualize It. Place a corkboard within reach of your desk. Then use color-coded index cards or Post-it® notes that can be easily attached and detached to define areas on the board. It’s your visual cue for the notes and reminders you want to keep at-a-glance.

2. Prioritize what’s in reach. Keep the things you work on daily on the top of your desk and the things you work on weekly or monthly clearly labeled and filed in your desk.

3. Be a list maker. Each evening, list the things you want to get done the following day in order of priority. You’ll be amazed how much you get done by keeping a “to do” list and checking off each completed task.

4. Eliminate background noise. When speaking with Customers and Recruits over the
phone, try to eliminate loud background noise from the television, pets or children.
Professionalism is the best tone to convey with clients.

5. Make a note of it. Jot down business strategy ideas you develop on your own, hear
from others, or learn in Sales Meetings. Always keep your notebook handy to reference
the goals you’re setting, and stay on the path to achieving them.

6. Rely on your calendar. Choose the style that works best for you—on your computer,
handheld PDA, or a traditional paper or desk blotter calendar. Your calendar is a roadmap
to help track appointments, campaign information, follow-up calls and dates of upcoming

7. Sort and label. Is your reading pile too big? Rearrange it according to when each piece
must be read. For example, “Read before the next Sales Meeting,” or “Read before the next
campaign.” Clearly label when each piece must be read, then arrange in easy-to-reach files,
baskets or bins.

8. Plan now for the next tax season. Label a box “2010 Taxes” and use it for your tax-related
documents throughout the year. This includes: bank statements, receipts for business expenses,
online statements, charity receipts, and other personal and business tax records.

9. Take advantage of online tools. You’ll increase your effectiveness as an Avon professional and
reach a wider Customer following as an eRepresentative. Online retail sales are steadily growing.

10. Conserve time and energy; go green. If you’re in Leadership, the Downline Manager online
tool is your resource to efficiently monitor your daily business. Click here for more information
about the benefits of Downline Manager and how to use it.

The Beauty of Knowledge

Sell More, Recruit More and Add More to Your Business

With the Beauty of Knowledge online training courses, it keeps getting easier for you to
add more impact to your business. The Tools and Resources on the site continue to be
upgraded and they’re sure to help you sell more, recruit more, and ultimately strengthen
and expand your business.

Navigating the site is as simple as ever. There’s a drop-down menu of categories in Tools
and Resources, where you’ll also see our latest Beauty innovations explained in beautifully
designed, downloadable product guides.

For example, look for product guides on new items like ANEW Clinical Luminosity Pro
Brightening Serum and Advance Techniques Frizz Control Lotus Shield. Each guide features
key product information, space to list potential Customers, tips and more to prepare you for
sales. You’ll be able to print these guides for your reference, share product benefits with
Customers, and influence them to try it and buy it.

Tools and Resources also includes Sales Tools to help you sell more, Leadership Tools to help
you recruit and other tools to build your business.

To check out the latest updates and all the tools offered, click here and visit
Beauty of Knowledge.

We want you to quickly and easily find what you need on the Beauty of Knowledge site.
Please e-mail us by clicking on Training Support at the bottom of the Beauty of Knowledge
page with your feedback, comments or suggestions.

Leadership News

Making a Name for Herself with the Help of Avon

Education and training are the keys to this Representative’s rapid rise.

Barb Avery
There was nothing unusual about Barb Avery’s reasons for starting her Avon business. Like thousands of other new Representatives, she was drawn to Avon by its good name, for its great products that are fairly priced, and by the inexpensive start-up cost. What was remarkable, however, was how quickly Barb’s business grew. In just one year, she achieved her Senior Executive Unit Leader title in Avon’s Sales Leadership program.

Barb, a Spring Hill, Florida, resident, made use of Avon’s online tools to learn rapidly. “Right away, I became a student of Avon, trying to absorb and learn as much as I could. Training on yourAVON.com was so helpful and made it easy to learn the business. And because it was online training, I’d train when I could, where I could —no excuses,” she says.

But it was attending a meeting with other Representatives that really spurred her to achieve. “Three days after I signed up for Leadership, I went to a Division meeting and saw the money to be made with Avon. It showed me that anything was possible—and that fueled my desire,” she explains.

That’s when Barb became “a recruiting machine”—seeking Recruits who could really impact her business. “When recruiting, it’s important to not just look for a pulse—you’ve got to look for attitude. You want to bring people on your team who want a business, not a hobby. I teach my Downline that if they happen to find a go-getter, they should make the time to help them! Work with them as best they can to help them achieve their goals and teach them independence and how to solve problems on their own,” Barb says.

While recruiting is key, you need to attract Customers, too. Barb believes that the easiest way to search for potential Customers is to think that everyone is a potential Customer! “At the very least, I figure they need deodorant! So I arm myself with my Avon arsenal which consists of brochures, business cards and my name tag. Then I make sure I personally use the products! How can you be exuberant about selling these products if you don’t use them yourself?” she says.

According to Barb, education and training are essential to the success of her Avon business. “When mentoring my Downline, I stress the importance of reading books, going to seminars and getting into a self-improvement mode! I tell them—‘Learn to network, learn to sell better and learn about personality types to be more relatable!’ To be good at sales you have to learn how to sell!” she says.

“For example, Beauty is the basis of Avon and it is what we’re known for. I encourage my Downline to be students of Avon, take the online trainings and go to local meetings and use the products. I also encourage my team to take advantage of Advance Order Opportunities and think of ways they can promote these products to enhance their businesses,” she continues.

“My team and I are a family. We share ideas; we pass along techniques and brainstorm to see how we can build their Avon businesses with what gifts and time they have. Bottom line: we look for solutions, not excuses,” she says.

It’s been an exciting and fulfilling two years since Barb Avery joined Avon. And she attributes much of her success to the company. “Avon has a lot to offer business-wise. I had been successful in other businesses before, but there were so many advantages with Avon—such as the Sales Leadership Program—that sold me right up front. I can’t tell you how excited I am about my future with Avon!” she says.

Making A Difference

Improving the Lives of Women Has Never Been Easier

The Avon Foundation for Women is tremendously appreciative that in 2010 Avon Products has taken its philanthropic commitment to new heights by committing two pages in every Avon U.S. brochure to highlight the Foundation’s inspiring work to empower women and change lives. These two pages feature exciting new products to raise funds, spread awareness and, ultimately, to save lives.

You have asked for more ways to increase awareness of the Avon Foundation for Women’s work. We created materials for you to use and share in your communities – a five-foot glossy, color Pop-Up Display and information brochures – that will help you share the impact of Avon philanthropy, including the highlights of our many achievements and partners.

The display is an easy and attractive way to draw attention at local community centers, country fairs, shopping malls or whenever it might be helpful to tell how Avon is working to improve women’s lives—and how Avon philanthropy has raised from fund-raising products more than $150 million worldwide since 1992 for causes that are important to women. Your District Sales Manager will have one Pop-Up Display that you can borrow and use as needed at an event.

Earn Your Way to PRP
Just a reminder: all sales of Breast Cancer and Domestic Violence fund-raising products count toward President’s Recognition Program (PRP) goals. Customers who purchase Avon fund-raising products will receive some of our most compelling and beautiful products, and will do so knowing that 100% of the net profits are donated to the related cause. Each time they wear or use the products they will be making a difference by spreading awareness of our worthwhile causes.

You and your Customers can show your support for the Avon Walk for Breast Cancer with the Breast Cancer Baseball Hat and Avon Walk Boatneck Tee, available in the C-14 Brochure. You can also help empower women in C-17 with the Empowerment Tee, Speak Out Against Violence Key Chain and the new Empowerment Wrap!

Avon and the Avon Foundation for Women, which is the largest corporate-affiliated philanthropy focused on women’s causes, have donated more than $725 million in more than 50 countries. We greatly appreciate the tremendous support you provide for the Foundation’s work—by selling pink ribbon and empowerment products, by walking in the Avon Walks for Breast Cancer, and by spreading the word about how we can all make a difference! To learn more, visit avonfoundation.org.

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