June 5, 2010

June 5th Highlights and News

Making Contact is as Easy as 1-2-3!

With summer set to begin in full force, now is the time for you to establish contact with both new and current Customers to help those sales sizzle. More contacts mean more sales and better earnings and the Count Me In! Incentive which spans C-13–C-15 was created to reward you for making that consistent contact.

Building your Customer base is one of the keys to building a successful business. It’s important to do all you can to entice new Customers and keep existing ones excited. By maintaining and creating contact, you will help yourself immeasurably with your earnings level.

During the Count Me In! Incentive time frame (C-13–C-15), when you place an on-time order in each of these three campaigns and achieve a minimum sales requirement or a cumulative total based on your President’s Recognition Program (PRP) status, you will receive one of two fabulous rewards. PRP Members will receive a Wallet Organizer and non-PRP members will receive a Luxurious Scarf. All Representatives who achieve their sales goals will then be entered into a Qualified Drawing and 10 winners from each Sales Region will be randomly selected to win the hot, new Apple® iPad™ (value $499). Click here for a complete set of terms.

A Simple Solution
Start off C-13 with a bang with the Count Me In Beauty Bundle featured in the Count Me In! Incentive flyer. Loaded with 10 of our popular skin care, fragrance, bath & body and makeup products and a FREE cosmetic case you can purchase this $118.50 value for only $35 (limit one bundle per Representative).You then have the option to sell the items individually to your Customers or perhaps sell the bundle to one special Customer. Either way you use it, the Beauty Bundle—combined with the C-13 Brochure Summer Madness offer—is the perfect way to kick-start your earnings with many of Avon’s most popular products.

Selling the Super Hits
There are two incredible Super Hit products coming in the next several campaigns that are sure to help you to further solidify your Customer base – ANEW Emulsions and Advance Techniques Frizz Control Lotus Shield. These “Super Hit” products are the tools that will help you keep your sales and earnings strong all summer long. Be sure to take advantage of the stock-up opportunities for both of these Super Hits in Campaigns 14 and 15. Not only will you have product on hand for immediate sales, you’ll get guaranteed 50% earnings as well.

As an added bonus, you’ll receive a FREE Avon Signature Tote Bag when you sell 1 ANEW Emulsion plus 3 Advance Techniques Lotus Shield products.

Be sure to check out the Count Me In! flyer which you received in your C-11 (TS C-12) orders for all the details.

So, before you or your Customers decide to take well-deserved vacations this summer, increase your visibility with new and existing Customers, and then stay in touch electronically. Remember, it’s as easy as 1-2-3!

Leadership News

This Representative Has Her Sights Set on the Future
… and is looking forward to her Senior Executive Unit Leader celebration!

Elizabeth Balestracci
Elizabeth Balestracci has always wanted to own her own business and work for herself. Having two young children at home prevented her from choosing a venture or job with long hours, so working from home was the perfect way for her to secure an income—on her own schedule. Then in March 2004, Avon came calling. “My daughter’s gymnastics teacher, who had recently become an Avon Representative, mentioned the Avon Opportunity to me. I was so excited, I signed up on the spot!” Elizabeth says.

She started recruiting immediately by having her Avon Grand Opening Party at her Medford, New York, home, and within four campaigns she had achieved her Unit Leader title and half of the Fast Start Bonus. “During that first year, I had also achieved Rose Circle,” Elizabeth adds. “As a result, I earned the Top New Performer of the Year award at my PC [President’s Club] Tribute, a great honor.” Since, then Elizabeth has achieved either Honor Society or Rose Circle each year.

Since December 2008, Elizabeth has been an Executive Unit Leader (EUL). “My unit is over 200 Representatives strong. While it took me 3½ years to achieve EUL status, I believe I can help others get there even faster because of my experience,” she says.

“Outside of selling, recruiting and building up the Customer base are so very important. I always set up opportunities and activities for my Downline to help achieve these steps,” Elizabeth says. “When they do get a Recruit, I show them how to conduct their first Appointment, observe them during their next Appointment, and help them for future meetings.”

As a Leadership Representative, Elizabeth admits that mentoring is crucial to the development of her Downline. “My time is best spent delving deep into the lives of my new Recruits. By partnering with and training them, we build a bond. I always tell the Leadership Representatives in my Downline to focus on the new business of a new Representative and their Fast Starts, and the rest will come!” she explains.

Elizabeth admits that while it’s important to provide mentoring, it’s equally valuable to receive coaching, too. “I owe so much of my success to my District Sales Manager, Maria Dollard. With her constant encouragement and business partnership, I have been able to remain focused on my goals, even when there were setbacks. Having that personal coach has been a key to my success, and I hope that I can be just as helpful to others,” she says.

With her keen business sense, a thriving Downline, and a strong and committed support system—which includes her District Sales Manager and the Avon Leadership Program—the “road to riches” is paved for Elizabeth Balestracci.

Elizabeth says, “Every year my business has grown by leaps and bounds, and I am anxiously working toward and looking forward to my Senior Executive Unit Leader celebration!”

Hot Summer Tips

Earn While on Vacation

Here’s how to keep your summer sales hot.

With the Memorial Day holiday upon us, summer vacation plans are about to take shape. But just because you and your Customers might take time off this summer, your business doesn’t have to. Plan now to keep your Avon sales working for you.

Here are some tips:

  • Start a tradition that promotes your own warm weather sales incentives. Got Customers with summer birthdays or special anniversaries coming up? Motivate them to purchase from you with seasonal specials and use these incentives to advertise your business as the summertime place to shop.

  • Create opportunities now that can pay off big later. Retailers know summer is prime-time clearance season. The same goes for Avon. Start talking up our annual Summer Makeup Sale, so Customers will be prepared for it in C-15. Many Customers wait for this annual opportunity to get the most value and lowest prices on beauty, in addition to jewelry, apparel and more.

  • Increase your visibility. “What some people consider a slow season is a time of fresh opportunity for me,” says Susan Bratton of Columbia, South Carolina. “Order extra brochures to give to people in the park and other outdoor public places. Include your business card and a FREE product sample.”

  • Stay in touch electronically. If you’re not an eRepresentative already, look into how yourAVON.com can add ease to managing your business. It can be a breeze for Customers to view brochure specials online, and for you to place orders online anytime, any place. Plus, you can set up eCards and other electronic reminders ahead of time, to automatically send to Customers while you’re away.

Put these plans into action, and make your summer sales sizzle!

Team News

Top Seller in Campaign 11

Debra I $2630

Rebeca J $965

Heather J $569

Maria C $487

Ashley B $469

Linda C $440

Michelle B $417

Joane S $343

Jessica P $275

Janine H $270

Welcome New Representatives

Heather L

Veronica O

Alysha & Dayton D

Suzan R

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