August 10, 2015

5 Tips On How To Recruit & Attract Leads Using Social Media

Wouldn't you love to have more people ask YOU what you're doing or hey I'm ready to get started with what you're doing?

YES right, wouldn't we all!!

My husband and I have been using social media since basically it came out with MySpace, lol yes way back then!! We had no clue on what we were doing just created some connecting, posting our websites out there but no true direction on what to or not to do online.

We learned the hard way you can do things to push people away online and to attract people online to you. 

Post Cool Photos. Take a look at the photo I used in this blog, doesn't it look like we're having fun YES right of course, people are attracted to those leaders who look like their enjoying their life, having a great time in their business. 

No Spam Allowed. One of the things we've learned on social media was on our personal pages, post more of the fun you're having with your business or what you're business has done for you without mentioning the company. Think about it, if you have a friend, who ONLY posts about their business isn't it kind of annoying! I saw somewhere before a leader use an example of out of every 100 posts you share online about 5 be about your business.

Have One On One Conversations. Another tip I've learned also that creating those individual conversations with people were way more productive than the ones I just posted my link somewhere and expected to have leads knocking down my door.

Create Curiosity. One of the things that make MOST people curious online is when they have to ask us what we're doing. Because we work in a company that offers a service most people have to ask us what exactly it is. So guess what, that creates a new private conversation that you can take offline, speak to them over the phone to get their questions answered and get them signed up right away.

Be You Online & Share. Believe me and most of you know this; all of us can spot a phony a mile away so why push people away but being phony online. Post things that will make people want to better themselves. share inspiration, share tips or ideas. Help others whether online or offline and believe me it comes back to you. One of the biggest things we did for our business back in 2012 was help others and I tell you we've gotten so much back whether it's in all the success stories we get to hear, all the lives we've helped whether with our training or our service HELP others and believe me it comes back to you.

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Did these tips help you? If so feel free to comment and share this post with your team!  

Lynette Bledsoe

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