March 30, 2015

Justin Timberlake's Very INSPIRING Speech At Last Night's I Heart Radio Event

I really never share things like this but after listening to it I just had to share myself because I'm sure someone out there needs to hear it.

The first thing I think is so important was the being different. If you stay doing the same thing that everyone else is than you'll just have what they have but if you step out and do something different you'll have much BETTER and DIFFERENT than what they do.

And also quoted Steve Jobs' infamous commencement speech about staying foolish and hungry, which to me is the best speech you'll ever hear so if you haven't heard it here it is

Always remember in the times that you feel like quitting are the times you should be pushing forward so cheers to those of you who stay the path. Stay motivated, inspired & determined all of your goals this year and I'll see you at the top!!!

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