January 14, 2015

How To Get A Prospect's Contact Info At Every Approach While You Are Networking - Blast Off Your Network Marketing Business With A 30 Day Challenge - Day 14

Have you noticed that with each of the ideas I've been sharing all month long the ideas have been simple and could be done by anyone?

The key with all of these ideas and tips is to do them consistently to see the results because no matter what business you are in these ideas can work for you if done on a daily basis.

*** Here's Your Business Tip of The Day!! ***

Why not try spritzing your business card with the newest fragrance or attach a free sample on that business card from your company and hand them out like candy.  And of course strike up conversations with people everyday by giving them compliments. Who doesn't LOVE free goodies plus compliments?!?!?!

The fragrance lasts on the card and everyone will have your contact information handy.
(Not everyone likes to be sprayed with perfume, but they will take a business card.)
Now if your company does not have a product because it's a service you can sample, that doesn't mean you still can't share your business card with a mint or chocolate attached. 

Think of people who are service orientated and say something like this "Wow thank you so much for your awesome service I think you'd be perfect for what we do I know you're busy right now so I won't take up too much of your time but I'd love to speak to you all about it tomorrow, what's a great time for you?" 

Remember before you leave them, make sure you are also friending them on Facebook because even if they don't get started right away eventually by following your page they will get interested in what you to and finally join you.

Do you have another idea that you use in your business with fragrance? Please share!!

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