January 9, 2015

How To Get More Promotions On Your Network Marketing Team In 1 Day!!! - Day 9 - 30 Day Network Marketing Business Challenge

Day 7 Is Here & I Know That You've Been Doing An Awesome Job Because I've Heard Some Much Great Comments From You All On Our Facebook Business Page. As we've been saying everyday it's never to late to join in, just visit Day 1 of our 30 Day Challenge to get you & your team started today!!! 

Now today, since it's so cold across the entire country I thought I'd share some ideas we've talked about in the past but since it's cold I'd thought I'd share again with you so you can work this idea straight from your home. We've spoken about this before BUT why not hot a Recruiting Blitz with your teams.

Being that my husband and I have been in Network Marketing since 1997, we've seen many top leaders work their businesses all types of ways BUT the one thing that we've seen most of them do is hold Recruiting Blitz events to drive massive recruiting onto their teams during different periods of the year.

So what a Recruiting Blitz is, is that we'll be playing a pre-recorded overview of our company during different times of the day and during the times when these recordings are taking place our team is encouraged to personally invite leads to listen to the live recording. After the prospect has heard the recording the leaders job is to contact the prospect and find out what they liked best of the recording and give them more information on how our company can help them.

Now once you've found out which prospect is interested in becoming a business partner with you, your next job is to have them invite as many people that they know to the next pre-recording call that day so that they can begin to build their business teams within the next hour.

This creates tons of excitement on your team PLUS this will create promotions and more people earning more money that they will be excited to move up and create new leaders themselves because they will see that it is possible!!!

Have you held a Recruiting Blitz with your network marketing teams before? If so, how did it go? 

Feel free to share with me I'd love to hear your thoughts on this topic!

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