July 3, 2014

Some Great Ideas On How To Promote Your Small Business On The July 4th Weekend

With the 4th of July around the corner, fire up your sales by carrying plenty of brochures (if your company has them), samples & business cards to those barbecues you'll be going to! Make it extra fun by carrying a basket of red, white. & blue petals, sprayed with our latest fragrance.

Offer a discount on their purchase based in the color petal they pick; you decide if white petal is 10% off with a $25 purchase, blue petal, $15% off with a __purchase & red petal 20% off with a __purchase. Discounts definitely help increase sales!!

Another tip I know we've done is set up table events at local July 4th parades or if you cannot set up in that fashion and you will be attending a local July 4th event why not try giving our your information to those who are also there enjoying the same event. Guess what, they'll take that information back home with them and will be able to not only look it over themselves BUT they'll also be able to possibly share that information with guests who may be over for the weekend!

Good luck & Happy 4th!!

If you have any other ideas or tips you'll be doing for the July 4th weekend please share with us!!

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