June 26, 2014

Leaders, Are You Bringing Value To Your Network Marketing Team?

One lesson we learned at a recent network marketing training is that you need to bring VALUE to the marketplace.

Now we know what you're thinking, how can little ol' me do that. Do you know whether you are new or old to your company that you have a wealth of knowledge to share with everyone? Take us for instance, we've been in the network marketing industry for 17 years now and no matter what company we are with the information & training never changes.

Do you REALLY pay attention and takes notes when you go to local training events, conference calls, or company conventions? For the last 3 years when we were hosting open conference calls, the BIGGEST question we received was "How the heck do you keep coming up with these topics" Our answer was always it was from our experience.

YOU, whether you are new or old to your company take a look right now at what you could offer your team. Whether it's training from within your company or training outside your company, you invest in your own education, take action on what you learned by going out there to do it yourself then teach your team how you did it!!

Simple Right? So understand no matter where you are in your business YOU can bring VALUE to your business team 

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