May 29, 2014

Are You Taking Advantage of Our HUGE Advantage?!?!?!?!

I just had the most AMAZING impacting appointment with a brand new leader. One of our teammates here in San Antonio who's in her 60's & who I've been trying to get out to our company events with us just signed up her sister who'll be her first recruit. Now this wasn't the average appointment, the reason why her sister was so eager to sign up was because she's in her 70's and didn't want to have to get a full time job.

The reason why she wasn't afraid to start with my company in her 70's was because she knew she wasn't going to have a problem sharing her new business because in her words "Who hasn't heard of my company?"

One thing we've always said about our company is how POWERFUL the branding is, she knows by her sharing her new business venture her success rate is going to be that much higher because EVERYONE has already heard of our company so there's nothing to explain, she's determined to make $500 every 2 weeks which is her first goal = GOTTA LOVE OUR BRANDING!!!

The reason why my husband and I came to our company in 2008 was because of that same reason, the branding of this company is too powerful to not take advantage.

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