March 27, 2014

When Was The Last Time You've Connected With A Former Customer?

Going through and finding customers who haven't ordered for a while is a great thing to do when you have a little extra time.
Maybe you could call them while you're in the drive thru ('Hi Jane, This is Lynette with (____ company), do you have a quick minute? Great, me too. I'm just calling everyone I can think of to receive a C__ brochure since the new _____ is out in it. Would you like me to drop one off with a coupon for a free gift?" )
So go through your list and make a goal to call 3 former customers each day, starting today. Those you can't reach, send a postcard or letter.
Send a postcard or letter with an incentive for them to call you.
Remember also, that if they're not interested in your company, they may know someone who is for free lipbalm or free mini lotion or free mini bubble bath... (and after using the product they may want more themselves).
If you do an open house or a fair or a table somewhere, send them a postcard notifying them of this. Who knows? They may want to see some the brochure before buying it again.
Send them or leave a brochure with a sample in it. They may be interested in receiving some product for free. So then you can call them and hold a party (or ask for referrals). The item free could be the same as the sample or something similar.
Hi____________This is Lynette (your company) Representative. How are you today?______SUPER! I'm calling to see if you received the new Brochure with the _____ sample in it.___________Well that is why I'm calling. I have been challenged to give away ________ to my top Customers in ___[this month]. All you need to do to get this set is to invite 3 or more of your friends you are 18 or older and who do not currently have a representative, over to give me their opinion of the ______ and get a little pampering.
Is there any reason why you wouldn't want to get $___ in free product? Great!!! What works better for you weeknights or the weekend. before or after supper 5:00 or 7:00pm
Great I will see you _______ -- confirm appointment.
Give all customers a current holiday brochure with any specials you're running. Holidays are a great time to get customers. Provide them with GREAT service and you will keep them (unless they're one time buyers).
So if you're afraid of calling or knocking on their door, just leave a brochure with a holiday flyer, gift list, etc
Do you have a similar idea that you've had success with, please share with us?

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