January 9, 2014

Day 6 - Blast Off Your Network Marketing Business

It's Day 6 Now So REALLY be honest with yourself, how are you coming along? It's almost been a week so have you stuck with your commitment?   As we've been saying everyday it's never to late to join in, just visit Day 1 of our 30 Day Challenge to get you & your team started today!!! Also I've just created a Tracking Sheet you can use with your 30 Day Challenge so make sure to go to check out our Facebook Page to get your copy today and remember no matter what day you start your challenge you can achieve Success in your network marketing business!!! As long as you are doing your 2 Invites a day this will work for you! 

Today I think it's time to back to the beginning and find out exactly why you are doing this challenge? Remember, no one will stick with anything if they don't have a reason to so here's a little video to help you.

If for some reason you cannot view the video from your mobile device, here's the link:

See You At The Top & Please continue to share your story and tips on how your 30 day Challenge is going for you below or on our Fan Page Gary & Lynette's Home Business!!

Continue to share your stories of success with us!!!

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