December 4, 2013

What Momentum Can Do In Your Network Marketing Business!

Momentum started for us when I first started in my current home business back in 2008 when I first joined and realized that I had the ability to sign up reps throughout the United States. In the first 2 years in business we had reps in more than half of the states in the US and I really didn't understand why I was doing this just really doing this full steam ahead.

Back then in Dec 2010, we recruited someone in Texas, at first to me it was just another recruit in another state. She ended up being the catalyst to something even greater. I was only in the second level of leadership in my company's leadership program at the time, with just 2 Leaders on my team. She she began recruiting and from December to July and she was on FIRE person not only won Avon's first trip to Jamaica BUT she made it to Executive Unit Leader which is the second highest level of leadership in our company.

In the middle of that same year, we ended up moving to Texas and a couple of months later in September she ended up quitting our company for personal reasons which I still can't understand. Not only giving up her trip to Jamaica but giving up her entire business for personal reasons. We stayed focused on our business and team and guess what, this ex leader's team were so focused & on fire that we not only did we move up to next level (Executive Unit Leader) that same October BUT in February of 2012  we had  a new Executive on our team BUT we also made Senior Executive Unit Leader which is the highest level of leadership in our company in addition we had 7 people who all promoted themselves at the same time  amongst our team so it was so much fun to see not only we get our promotion but see our team get theirs too because they had worked so hard for it. Just think of just what one person can do for you home business, this one person increased our team by over 100 people in less than 7 months so never give up or think you won't your next superstar.

All top leaders have had top level leaders in on their teams quit their home business but guess what the key has always been to keep  the  momentum going in your team because there's such a rush of energy that it keeps your entire team focused and excited to hit their goals.

Think of it in this sense,  just think if a new leader joined your business today and is HOT & ready to work. Can you imagine if she continues his or her momentum that their team can grow to 1 person, to about 70 people every 4 months that by the end of the year her team would be at 280 in just 1 year, in 3 years she'd be at 840. This is why momentum is so important because it could be the growth or the death of your business because you have to figure out a way to keep this going.  We've had this happen with one of our leaders on our team and I'm sure the same can happen for you too!!

Have you had momentum happen in your home business? If so, please share how it made you feel and what growth did you see in your business?


  1. A few campaigns back I had lost my title as unit leader and lost my team as well so I had to start over with no team members and sinc campaign 23 I have built my team to 11 first line and 20 second line and 1 third line with two of my first line in Alabama and New york. and have plans to have 12 more additions by the end of campaign 1. This time instead of trying to make it to unit leader I am trying to build 4 others to unit leader and then more after that.


    1. Awesome way of sharing your momentum & wow this time around looks like you'll be heading straight to the top!!!