March 23, 2013

Do It Yourself Beauty Tips & Tricks

Lip Gloss
Don't you just love the look of a shiny lip gloss color? I know I do!! I actually prefer lip gloss over regular lipstick because of the shiny look. But did you know that you could make your very own lip gloss. 

Here's how:
Vaseline or petroleum jelly - 1 cup
Kool-Aid - 1 packet (remember this will be the color of the gloss so choose red, orange, or pink)
Lip gloss container or Tin 

So, here's what you'd do! You are going to place the cup of Vaseline into the microwave until it's completed melted. Step 2, you are going to mix the Vaseline with the Kool-Aid packet until the ingredients are completely mixed and dissolved. You'd then place the mixed concoction into your container or tin and allow it to cool and harden. Once it's ready not only will you have a new lip gloss for your collection but you'll have one that taste really great!!!

Dry Shampoo
Products named dry shampoo seems to be everywhere you look. Who wouldn't want to just set up a quick look and get up and go. Because this seems to be everywhere you also have to be careful with some products in the market that could have harmful ingredients. Some have butane, isobutane, and propane. YES those ingredients can be found in some of these products which can be dangerous to your heath. Another downside when you do find a product is the price. So, we've found a way to get the same look from home.

Here's how:
Cornstarch - yes that's it!!!

So, here's what you'd do! Start off by sprinkling a little cornstarch onto the roots of your hair especially the areas which are greasy and oily. Work the cornstarch throughout your hair with your fingertips. Take a brush and brush your hair and take a towel to pat your hair which will help remove excess oil. Lastly, style your hair and you're ready for the day.

Teeth Whitening

How many times have you've wanted to buy a teeth whitening kit from your local pharmacy but didn't want to spend so much money if you weren't sure if it was going to really whiten your teeth. Instead of spending all that money on a whitening kit, try the do it yourself trick from home.

Here's how:
Hydrogen Peroxide - a few drops
Baking Soda - 1 teaspoon

So, here's what you'd do! Mix the hydrogen peroxide with the baking soda in a small container. Next, use the mixed ingredients and place it onto your brush, then brush your teeth. Do not swallow this mixture. Continue your normal teeth cleaning routine for several weeks and before you realize it, you'll be looking in the mirror at some beautiful teeth that look as white as snow.

Do you have a Do It Yourself tip or trick that you'd like to share? Please comment below and hey you never know, we may use your tip on a future post.

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