November 2, 2010

Campaign 22 News and Highlights
Welcome New Team Members

Creca F

Lenora G

Kimberly W

Patricia W

Peggy Root

Top 10 Sales Representatives in Campaign 22

Penny S - $493

Anne D - $454

Rebecca J - $431

Michelle B - $410

Sharmaine A - $365

Stacey M - $364

Veronica O - $327

Delia J - $317

Joane S - $ 310

Ana B - $300

Top Recruiters in Campaign 22

Drew - 2

Michelle B - 1

Shift Your Sales into High Gear with Avon's Latest Men's Fragrance

Avon may be the company for women, but we're always thinking about those special men in the lives of your Customers, too! And what better way to deliver a perfect stocking stuffer this holiday season than by introducing Customers to the latest men's fragrance, Turn4XT Eau de Toilette Spray, debuting in the C-26 Brochure. Following in the footsteps of other popular celebrity-inspired men's fragrances such as Derek Jeter Driven and Patrick Dempsey 2 and Unscripted, championship NASCAR driver Carl Edwards has teamed up with Avon to bring a winning fragrance to every racing fan.

Man Power
One of the fastest-growing sports of the past 20 years, NASCAR (National Association for Stock Car Auto Racing) brings millions of fans out to the racetracks each year. On and off the track, Edwards wows fans with his charisma, confidence and distinctive style, something he has channeled to help create our newest men's fragrance, Turn4XT.

Priced at just $26, Turn4XT has an invigorating scent of spicy pepperwood infused with java vetiver and masculine mahogany, and makes the perfect holiday gift for men of all ages. And the male market—a huge and often untapped reservoir—may give you just what you need to zoom past the finish line with big earnings in 2010.

Using the recognition of someone like Edwards will help you find lots of new Customers. You'll be pleasantly surprised at how quickly your Customers jump to buy this new fragrance for the men in their lives.

Meet Carl Edwards
And if the pre-holiday release of Turn4XT isn't exciting enough, Avon is offering you the opportunity to earn a trip to the Coca-Cola 600 race, to be held on May 29, 2011, at the Charlotte Motor Speedway! Sell the most units of Turn4XT in C-26*, and be one of six winners (one chosen from each Sales Area) who enjoy a trip for four to Charlotte, North Carolina, that includes four VIP tickets to the race plus a meet-and-greet with Edwards as well as autographed items and $250 in spending money! (See the C-26 What's New for details or for Official Rules go to**

Your Customers can win the same trip when they enter the Turn4XT Sweepstakes, featured in the C-26 Brochure.

The 2010 finish line is in sight, so put your pedal to the metal and feel the exhilaration of this tremendous earnings opportunity!

Campaign 26 Top Demo Picks

Lydia Riley with her four children. From left: Hebron (age 10), Cherith (age 5), David (age 14), and Bethany (age 12).

Recognition and Strong Relationships Have Helped This SEUL Build a Nationwide Team

The "Climbin' Diamonds" sell a million dollars worth of Avon every year!

Ten years ago, Lydia Riley of Greenville, South Carolina, was in dire circumstances. She had four small children, including a two-month-old, and her husband had recently left. She had no real home or financial support. Then her best friend from Georgia called and said she was starting with Avon and Lydia decided to join, too.

Six months in, Lydia took advantage of the Sales Leadership Opportunity. "My District Sales Manager explained you could earn residual income in Sales Leadership, and that intrigued me. And when you need something desperately, you're going to work harder to attain it."

Lydia initially sold door-to-door herself, then brought in Helpers to do this. She gave out brochures to "every smiling face," listed her business in the phone book and built a loyal Customer base, bringing her sales to President's Club level and above.

Lydia says, "I've had a couple of 'aha' moments. Several years ago I was a new Unit Leader (UL) at a Division Sales Leadership meeting. A District Sales Manager had an Executive Unit Leader (EUL) stand up. She was making her car payments with her Avon earnings! I decided whatever it takes, I'm going to be what she is.

"Also, there was a huge regional meeting three years ago in Atlanta. I was an EUL, with two of my Advanced Unit Leaders (AULs) and other Sales Leadership Representatives with me. We were so motivated after the meeting that we set a goal to each advance one title by Christmas. We worked hard and within two months we all made the goal, and I made Senior Executive Unit Leader (SEUL)!"

She continues, "I've been the only SEUL in our entire Monarch Division for the past three years. It took two years to reach AUL, and another four to reach EUL. I was working around four small children and home-schooling them. My kids went to appointments with me. Now they're in private school—thanks to Avon."

Lydia's team is very large—700 members (about 450 active) across the U.S.—and that affects her approach. She says, "When I take a Representative out to recruit, my focus is on making her a UL, but in the process, she's going to get Customers." That approach works. She adds, "My team—the Climbin' Diamonds—sells over a million dollars worth of Avon a year, and we were in the top three slots for Sales Leadership Growth last year."

To teach prospecting, Lydia's team has District meetings and Unit parties. She offers incentives, and they do parking lot and local events. She says, "We just finished an 11-day event at the state fair. We gave out hundreds of brochures, and gave away $50 in products, with registration cards to let Prospects indicate their interest in starting a business. We take notes, and everything goes into the eRep Web Office database, so Prospects can automatically receive our e-mails. We call to follow up. Each Representative signs her own cards, but I also share leads to get all the appointments accomplished. Ten Recruits have already joined, and I expect 20–30 more from our leads—plus we have scores of potential Customers!"

When Lydia approaches new Prospects, she says, "Would you like a personal discount? You might as well become a Representative." She explains, "They get the brochures, end up sharing them with friends and become very successful. With the economy, lots of people are looking to start home-based businesses. I tell my team to approach people by asking 'Have you ever thought about starting your own business?' or 'Would you like to have your own Avon account?' "

She explains how she helps her team to build sales, "At the appointment, I train the Representative on how to use the Conversational Skin Care Card from the Appointment Kit. It helps her to understand the importance of selling the complete regimen, and it's vital to building Beauty sales. We train at District meetings, too. But stronger sales go hand-in-hand when you develop Sales Leaders."

Lydia looks after her Representatives and knows that motivation matters. She says, "We host Climbin' Diamonds parties bimonthly, and give away products and gifts. It's a chance to meet, share and have fun. We give recognition—a huge part of encouraging success. I also send out e-mail blasts—our 'Stars and Stats,' every campaign. They say how much is sold, and who the top sellers and recruiters are. I thank everybody for their efforts. Recognition is free and you can give lots of it."

Lydia believes there are a few keys to her success. She explains, "First, my faith in God and second, putting my family first. I've been able to stay home with my children and my team members bring their children to my District meetings. And third, my focus on sincere relationships within my team. My team can approach me about anything, not just business. Some people would have quit 10 times over if we weren't friends. My belief is that we can make this work." And clearly, from her team's success, they have.

Sell the Avon Foundation's Fund-raising Products with Our New Flyer

The Fund-raising Products flyer helps you open doors to sell the Avon Foundation for Women's domestic violence and breast cancer products. This new two-sided flyer features fund-raising products, photos of Avon's Global Ambassador Reese Witherspoon, and space for you to include your name and contact information.

When you or your Customers purchase these Avon fund-raising products, 100% of the net profits are donated to either the Avon Foundation's Breast Cancer Crusade or the Speak Out Against Domestic Violence program.

Click here to download this beautiful, color two-sided flyer.

Remember, this is a great opportunity for you to make a difference in others' lives.

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