November 17, 2010

Campaign 23 Highlights and Latest News

Welcome New Team Members For Campaign 23

Tim C

Sonia A

Elizabeth O

Melissa E

Jennifer G

Maria C

Jess C

Ashley C

Top Recruiters

Frederica - 4

Michelle - 1

Top Sales Representatives In Campaign 23

Michelle B -$1,196

Ana B - $800

Rebecca J - $553

Michelle N - $483

Sidrah T - $447

Heather J - $431

Veronica O - $408

Shannon W - $389

Joanne S - $379

Ashely B - $368

Amy M - $358

You're Invited… to Earn Up to 5 FREE Gifts!

With 2011 and Avon's 125th Anniversary fast approaching, the focus of
keeping your "Avon Store" open and thriving is more important than ever.
And, the You're Invited Representative Incentive provides you with a
great opportunity to earn some terrific rewards as you do just that! The
Incentive is open to all Representatives* and runs from C-26 '10–C-2 '11
(TS C-2 '11–TS C-4 '11).

There can be a tendency to relax as the holidays begin to wind down and the
New Year takes hold, but starting off the year strong is so important in order
to gain positive momentum for the upcoming 12 months. That's why it's vital to
keep your "Avon Store" front and center in the minds of your Customers.

You're Invited to Be Charmed…
The best part about the You're Invited Representative Incentive is that
you'll be rewarded for something you probably do anyway… placing on-time orders!
When you place an on-time order** in each campaign during the Incentive timeframe AND sell a minimum of $50 in each campaign (OR a cumulative sales total of $150 during the Incentive), you'll receive a 125th Anniversary Charm Bracelet (a $50 value) that we've created just for you. This stylish bracelet features enamel charms with crystal and faux pearl accents, and is our gift to you as we celebrate this special anniversary together. We hope it will become a cherished memento of your career with Avon.

In addition, you can earn up to four more exciting FREE gifts with a total value of more than $60! These four items include the Rare Diamonds Bracelet (C-26/TS C-2), ANEW Clinical Luminosity Pro Brightening Hand Cream (C-1/TS C-3) and Outspoken by Fergie Body Lotion (C-2/TS C-4). Plus, when you submit an on-time order of $50 or more in C-1 (TS C-3), you'll receive a bottle of Rare Diamonds Eau de Parfum Spray in appreciation of your dedication and hard work. These four items are yours to keep or to sell, garnering even more interest among your Customers and higher earnings for you.

To make it even easier to reach a $50 order in each campaign, there are exclusive bundles featuring up to 12 products and priced at only $50 each. It all kicks off in C-26 (TS C-2)—just in time for those last-minute holiday shoppers—with the first of three bundles. For that $50 per bundle, you'll receive many, many Customer favorites such as Advanced Techniques Frizz Control Lotus Shield, Avon Naturals, ANEW Clinical, ANEW Ultimate Age Repair Day & Night Creams and much more! Plus, you'll receive the FREE Rare Diamonds Bracelet as your gift when you purchase the C-26 You're Invited bundle!

Each bundle contains items that can more than triple the value of your $50 investment in them, giving you a terrific opportunity to maximize your earnings! Full details on the bundles and the Incentive program are available in the You're Invited to Be Charmed! flyer that will be included with your C-24 (TS C-26) orders, or contact your District Sales Manager to learn more.

Saving the Best for Last
But that's not all. The Top Representatives in each tier, in each Sales Region, who earn the 125th Anniversary Charm Bracelet and have the highest Sales Increase over their prior year, will be invited to a special Recognition Event in Nashville, Tennessee, where they'll hear a performance by some of the Avon Voices North America Regional winners. You'll be hearing a lot more about Avon Voices—Avon's first-ever global online singing talent search for women, and songwriting competition for women and men—in the coming weeks!

This is your invitation to grow your business by sharing the Avon product line and earnings opportunity with everyone you know. Our 125th Anniversary year is going to be the best year yet!

Susan Wong
Consistency and Enthusiasm Lead to Success

Advanced Unit Leader Susan Wong of Modesto, California, believes in Avon and the Avon Opportunity. She says, "No one's too busy to sell Avon!"—and she ought to know. Back in 2001, she was busy home-schooling her three children—ages nine, six and eleven—while teaching piano and working at another job. Her hands were full. But she wanted to buy an ANEW lotion, and so she contacted Executive Unit Leader (EUL) Michelle Dutra, who convinced her to try selling. Susan says, "I didn't start selling Avon to make money, but I love Avon and have fun with it, and people pick up on that. I can talk to anybody, and my Customers respond to my never-give-up attitude and enthusiasm."

That attitude has helped lead Susan to Honor Society-level sales. She also uses samples and develops her own skin care specials, often with a free two-week trial. She says, "Once my Customers try the products, they're in love. One Customer told me her husband asked if she'd run out of her ANEW night cream. He could tell, and asked her to order some more! I also treat Avon like a business, committing four hours a day, five days a week to it. And I consistently deliver brochures. I have Customers who really love Avon, but only order once a
year, but I still bring them brochures every campaign."

Susan got her start in Sales Leadership a few years ago. She says, "Since I had two other jobs, it took me about two years to reach Advanced Unit Leader. My first Recruit was a woman who complimented my husband on the cologne he was wearing. When she heard it was Avon and that I'm a Representative, she wanted to sign right up! So I called my Upline Leader and how to do that."

Susan went to Recruitathons with managers and slowly built her team over time. She says, "I've realized that if I work at my Sales Leadership business consistently, results follow. Nothing happens if I don't make an effort. I remember Winston Churchill's advice—to never, never, never give up. Now my plan is to partner with my manager and team, prospecting and training more, so I can reach EUL. It seems like fun—but also my kids are in college, and it would really help my family. A spouse might be at the top of his pay scale, but with Avon, there's no limit to what you can earn."

Susan finds that on-the-go training works best with her team. She explains, "I take my Downline out prospecting with me, and sometimes our Upline joins us. We go door-to-door in the neighborhoods, and to grocery stores and businesses, modeling how to talk to people. It's the attitude that matters. I find that people actually want to buy more when you're not hungry for a sale. I believe in the product and the opportunity that we're offering, and that Avon can improve their looks and their lives, and that makes all the difference. It's about what Avon offers, and not about how much money I can make."

She also encourages meeting attendance, calls and e-mails her Downline, and has them call her with problems and questions. Susan says, "Everybody on my team is unique. The majority are do-it-your-selfers—it's part of the California culture. Some sell through online classified sites, and one of my newest Recruits does social networking. My Upline leaders e-mail out tips that I pass on, such as 'follow up before each campaign with a text message.' That's a great one because it saves on multiple phone calls."

Susan finds that the best way to take advantage of Advance Order Opportunities is to offer the products as she goes through her normal business activities. She says, "I bring the items along with me when I'm delivering to my Customers or out prospecting, so people can see, touch and smell them. I encourage my team to do that as well."

She educates and inspires her Downline by passing on what works for her, even in a tough economic climate. She explains, "My sales have actually been higher each year of the recession, because people want to find a better value. They'll buy ANEW instead of department store products. Also, good samples make it easy to sell, and so do free trials. I survey my Customers to find out what they liked about the product, and pass on what I learn. For instance, Advance Techniques Frizz Control Lotus Shield, besides working on frizz, also detangles. And I listen to my Customers. I don't have a large fragrance base, but my Customers do want to look young. I was very successful with my two-week free trial on ANEW Luminosity Pro Brightening Serum. Avon was offering a deal, but I expanded on it. If Customers liked the serum, and kept it and paid for it, they got a free ANEW Clinical Eye Lift."

Susan says that her personal key to success is her faith, which motivates her and helps her to persevere. She adds, "Integrity and respect—Avon's core values—are a formula for a successful, prosperous business. I'm able to offer a great product and opportunity through Avon, and I've been able to meet all kinds of people. I love it, and I'm going to continue for as long as I can."

Campaign 1 Top Demo Picks

Customers Are Her First Priority

Despite a serious medical challenge, this Representative pursues her great love of Avon.
Louise Doriguzzi
Louise Doriguzzi looked at her oncologist with a steady gaze and said, "I absolutely cannot have my chemotherapy treatments on Thursdays. That's the day my Avon order comes in, and my Customers need their products."

Even when challenged by a life-threatening cancer, Louise thought first of serving her Customers. Faced with such firm determination, the doctor of course had to oblige. Louise's daughter Robin remembers that their entire life, including vacations, was always arranged around the day her mother's order was to arrive.

At age 79, Louise still has a love affair with her Avon business. "I would be absolutely lost if I wasn't able to conduct my business. I get out to see people; I feel alive and motivated," she says.

Yet her Avon career did not begin with this passion; it began out of necessity and with anxiety. "I found myself alone, with three children (John, Patricia and Robin), in need of money and feeling depressed. I saw an Avon ad and signed up. I was very nervous. I had no idea what I was getting into. I just didn't have confidence in myself. I had to work at it," she explains.

When Louise realized how wonderful the products were and that she could sell them, she says, "I went around town knocking on doors, introducing myself and leaving brochures, and friends would buy." Louise describes how things have changed since the 1960s, when she started her Avon career: Avon campaigns ran for three weeks and the President's Recognition Program did not yet exist, and neither did Mrs. Albee figurines. But pins were awarded back then, and Louise won many for her achievements.

Robin fondly remembers being three years old and joining her mother on Customer calls. Louise couldn't afford to hire a baby-sitter, so both would go door-to-door with their matching blue Avon totes. Robin would pull out samples from her own miniature bag and promote them with the few words in her limited vocabulary. Customers found her adorable, and Louise believes that young Robin may have even helped her sales!

In over 45 years with Avon, beginning in Monticello, New York, and now in Suffern, New York, just a few blocks from the Avon research center, Louise has never missed a campaign, and she's achieved Honor Society almost every year. Last year's surgery slowed her down, but not enough to stop her from attaining President's Club and "quite a bit above that," she proudly says.

Louise's commitment to her business is powerful. After her surgery, she developed pneumonia, and she didn't want the delay in her hospital discharge to affect getting her order in on time. Her answering machine at home was filling with messages from her Customers!
Louise had daughter Patricia retrieve and relay the messages, allowing Louise to call her Customers and input their orders on her laptop from her hospital bed. Yet another hurdle surmounted by this energetic and resolute Representative!

Luckily, when Avon first offered the option of online ordering, Louise had foreseen its benefits. "If you want to do something for me for Christmas, buy me a laptop," she had said to her children. She was in her late sixties at the time.

Louise's positive spirit and abundant self-confidence, as well as her love for her business and her Customers, drive her to continue selling even now despite her medical issues. After her initial chemotherapy treatments, Louise was weak and unsteady, but this did not deter her from making her Customer calls with daughter Patricia's help. Her Customers came willingly to the car to chat and be served by their caring and loyal Avon Representative. And when she was very sick, her Customers did not hesitate to pick up their orders at Louise's home. Now she can make calls on her own, although she is still undergoing chemotherapy.

Louise says, "I like to look pretty and when people say I look good, I answer, 'That's Avon.' They have no idea how sick I am."

What's her secret to developing a thriving business? Actually, it's no secret at all. She diligently follows the sales advice that Avon has consistently given to its Representatives over the years: distribute lots of brochures, follow up on calls, use demos and hand out samples. "And be reliable and tell them about the Avon guarantee," she adds.

Louise also keeps index cards with the names of the various products on them along with the names of the Customers who buy those products. Then, when there are sales or special offers, all she has to do is call the Customers on the card. They're so grateful, they often end up placing an order!

Would it surprise you to learn that Louise is striving to make President's Club again this year?
She loves the Mrs. Albee Awards; she has 28 of them and "a house full of cups and saucers, pins and various Avon awards on display," as her daughter Robin proudly reports.
"Hopefully, I'll be able to get back to Honor Society. I'll take one step at a time. Right now I'm looking forward to the holidays. I wasn't able to do Thanksgiving last year because of the surgery, but I'm having it this year. And for Christmas, I plan to put up a tree," Louise says with tangible delight and the positive spirit that are this courageous woman's signature.

Applications Now Being Accepted for 2011 Avon Foundation for Women Scholarships

The Avon Foundation for Women is pleased to announce our 2011 Annual Scholarship
Program totaling more than $500,000 in scholarship awards. And in honor of Avon's 125th
Anniversary in 2011, the maximum number of scholarships has increased for each program
from 100 to 125! What an exciting and important way to celebrate Avon's long history of empowering women.

Remember there are two separate programs: The first program is for Avon Representatives
who wish to continue their education. The second program is for the children and grandchildren
of President's Recognition Program Representatives. Both programs are available to
Representatives who are in good standing at the application deadline of February 1, 2011.

Click here for scholarship applications and guidelines or visit the appropriate links below
for more information and to apply:

  • Avon Representative Scholarships:

  • President's Recognition Program Scholarships for Children and Grandchildren:

Completed applications must be postmarked no later than February 1, 2011.

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