October 20, 2010

Campaign 21 News and Highlights


Welcome Out Newest Team Members

Maribel C

Kaitlin C

Melissa G

Shonenetta S

Lorna G

Gena S

Anna P

Top 10 Sellers in Campaign 21

Rebecca J - $693

Sandra H - $500

Michelle B - $438

Shannon W - $399

Stacy M - $353

Linda C - $347

Jennifer G - $337

Amy M - $337

Rameena J - $306

Sonya Y - $290

Flip On Your Holiday Earnings With the Flip MinoHD

The holiday shopping season is just about to launch full-force, and beginning in C-24 Avon is introducing what promises to be one of the hottest gifts of the holiday season, the Flip MinoHD™.

The World's Sleekest High-Definition Video Camera
Flip Video is America's best-selling shoot-and-share video camera brand, and you'll be able to brighten your Customers' holiday smiles with this tremendous offer. They'll be able to purchase the MinoHD, valued at $199.99, for just $149 with any $20 ANEW purchase they make from pages 62–75 of the C-24 Brochure. This is a tremendous way for you to maximize your sales from your Skin Care Customers—one of the more loyal groups for repeat sales—while also providing a popular product at a terrific value.

The high-quality MinoHD comes in a sleek pocket-size design, with easy one-touch recording, and is preloaded with FlipShare™ video editing and sharing software. Your Customers can easily share their videos with family and friends or post to social media sites such as YouTube, MySpace and Facebook with ease! You don't need a cable to connect it to your computer, either. Simply flip out the USB arm at the top of the camera and plug it into any Mac or PC, and your Customers' video-sharing experience will be off and running!

The MinoHD was labeled one of the best budget camcorders on the well-known electronics review Web site CNET. The editors gave it four out of five stars, rating it “excellent.”

Reach Out to New Customers
The popularity of products like the MinoHD offers you tremendous earnings potential, but also the opportunity to reach out to a new segment of Customers who may not use Avon. Chances are your current and potential Customers haven't been coming to you for cameras or other popular forms of technology. But the high-powered impact of and acclaim for the MinoHD can give you an open door to entice new Avon shoppers.

By incorporating the MinoHD with the purchase of ANEW products, you can introduce your non–Skin Care Customers to the incredible lineup of innovative products the ANEW brand has to offer. In turn, you can take this opportunity to promote the entire brochure—your store—which includes a little bit of something for everyone. And what more could a Customer want during the holiday shopping season?

Give Customers the opportunity to capture all their special family holiday memories this season with the Flip MinoHD and watch your earnings grow!

Flip, Flip MinoHD, FlipShare and Flip Video logo are trademarks of Cisco. Cisco and/or its affiliates are not a participant in or sponsor of this promotion. © 2010 Cisco

Holiday Sales: The Gift That Keeps Your Business Growing!

Build on your holiday sales for incremental earnings in 2011. Just follow these three easy steps:

1. Convert
  • Convert gift buyers into beauty buyers with easy holiday order builders like the Holiday Brilliance Collection in C-25!

  • Use your Beauty Conversation Cards to find out Customers' needs and preferences—add that personal touch! Leave samples of those products and follow up with the 2Good 2Miss event in C-1.

  • Create a bag of beauty demos. Include Customer favorites, like Skin So Soft and Avon Naturals Minis or ANEW trial sizes. Be sure to follow up to close the sale, and then include her full-size product order when placing your C-26 order.

2. Connect
  • Get names and contact info of your gift buyers' recipients and connect! For every Customer who places an order in C-25, ask for a referral name and contact information. Then give that Customer a special freebie like the Language of Flowers Avon 2011 Calendar or the Avon Basics Care Deeply with Aloe 2011 Calendar Lip Balm as a thank-you for the lead.

  • Offer to gift wrap orders and place a FREE sample and brochure with your contact info in the package. Use this as an opportunity to make another connection with the gift recipient.

  • Host a jewelry party showcasing C-25's hottest, shiny new things. Invite your Customers and tell them to bring a friend! Offer an extra incentive to your current Customers by giving the C-25 Holiday Brilliance Collection to the Customer who brings the most friends (new potential Customers!) with them.

3. Continue
  • After the holidays, help your Customers restore and replenish for the New Year. Suggest the "Buy 1, Get 1 for $10" ANEW offer in C-25—one for a friend, one for herself!

  • Take your business to the next level by becoming an eRepresentative. Have all your business management tools in one place, plus get special benefits such as a personalized Web page and online store, access to Web Office, e-mail marketing, instant Invoices and reports!

  • Track your Customers' purchases. Use the great sales tool inside Web Office to create and automate tracking of purchases and replenishment schedules. Also find Customer follow-up and profile worksheets—you'll know exactly when and what she is ready to re-order.

  • Create your own continuity program. Entice C-25 Customers with a FREE gift if they order in C-1–C-3 2010. Use your Caselots and stock-up programs to gain inventory at low prices, and then offer deals on these products to keep your 4th Quarter momentum going well past Valentine's Day!

Jo'El (JoJo) Liberati
Making It Easy to Succeed

Creativity helps this Unit Leader to develop and train her team.

Jo'El (JoJo) Liberati from Novi, Michigan, has been selling Avon for just a year, and she's been a Unit Leader for just six months. Yet in that time, she's made herself known for her creative, resourceful methods; her devotion to her Downline's development and training; and even making her Customers a part of her team!

JoJo found Avon while battling Crohn's disease, a disabling digestive disorder that has been a part of her life since age 15. She says, "It's in remission now, but it has affected my life in a big way—I was near death. But Avon gave me confidence. It brought me out of my illness."

It was her daughter who brought about JoJo's "return" to Avon. She recalls, "When my daughter wanted makeup, I remembered that Grandma relied on her Avon Lady. I knew that if I sold, I would get a bigger discount on everyday-needs products, like cologne for my husband, body wash and shampoo. So I called my District Sales Manager, and she started me out. Then, I learned a lot by talking to other Representatives."

JoJo loves talking to people. She gives out brochures everywhere she goes, to everyone she meets. She says she's turned the Power of 3 into the Power of 8! She adds, "I'm good at customer service—I take notes on what my Customers like, so I can add stickies and highlight their brochures. If they like fragrances, I'll call them if a new one is coming up, and get feedback when they try it. I always give brochures with orders and for a few campaigns after, even if they don't order."

JoJo knows her Customers. She says, "People like to get things first, so I'll offer special savings to the first 10 Customers on Facebook." She also knows the value of feedback, and explains, "I love Preferred Preview, where you get a full-size product before it hits the brochure, plus samples and literature. But while I can't always use the product, I have Customers who can. They become my product testers—my guinea pigs. I get a review from them after they use it for two weeks. If they like it, I sell it to them at my cost. Then I can give feedback to other Customers. I also do that with demos, direct ship and Advance Order Opportunities. When I give Customers samples plus show them full-size products, it works better. They're hooked even before the products reach the brochure."

Her love of people as well as her desire to earn more drew JoJo to the Sales Leadership program. She explains, "My kids will be college-age soon, and I saw Sales Leadership as a money-making opportunity. But the camaraderie, building my confidence and getting to talk to people on a daily basis sold me, too."

JoJo recruited her mom first, and then repeat Customers who came in with larger orders. She tells them that with Sales Leadership, not only can they can save more on their own orders, but they'll also have the opportunity to earn. She also recruits young mothers who are unfamiliar with Avon. In that case, she says, "I start them off with just one full-size product, something they'll use, like mascara or body wash. They try it and it builds enthusiasm. They start selling the one product they know, and soon, they're selling others."

Since JoJo didn't have an Upline to guide her, she's eager to train and develop her own team. She explains, "I show my Downline how to be strong leaders with weekly PATD training, and also encourage the Beauty of Knowledge training at yourAVON.com. Our monthly meetings are meet-and-greets at places like the lake, so we can bring our families. We get business out of the way first, and then have a barbecue. Everybody has fun, plus no one needs to get a baby-sitter."

JoJo is great at talking, but when it comes to helping her team to prospect, she does more—she SHOWS them how to do it, plus she's attentive and available. She says, "I do the first full appointments with them, and tell them to call if they need help. If they didn't submit an order, or submit it on time, I ask why. Even if they don't have any orders, I tell them to order brochures to get the literature about upcoming products. I take them around the neighborhood to introduce themselves. I'll follow them around on a routine day or they'll follow me, to see how I talk with people and recruit."

JoJo also does plenty of product research for herself and her team—via the Internet, TV ads and word-of-mouth. She explains, "I'll use Avon's product comparison charts, and my own research from competitors' Web sites, makeup blogs and reviews of Avon products."

She's an eRepresentative, and explains, "I'm a fan of Web Office, which comes with being an eRep. I don't need to keep an order book, since it keeps track of Customers, invoices them, does the math and keeps Customer orders separated. It's easier for elderly Customers, too, because it requires less writing. But face-to-face contact is just as important as being technical or using the Web site. Even my eCustomers still prefer Representative delivery."

JoJo easily sums up the reasons behind her success. She says, "I get people to love the product and what they're doing as much as I do. My relationships with my Representatives are one-on-one—I care and listen, so I can help them reach their goals. I'm training them to be strong leaders. And if I don't know the answers to their questions, I find them out. It's like my husband says, ‘You can't be a general unless you go out with your troops.' "

Fergie Is Special Guest at Avon Walk Santa Barbara

Fergie, award winning musician and Avon spokesperson, was a special guest at the Avon Walk for Breast Cancer Santa Barbara early last month. The walk raised more than $6.4 million to advance access to care and breast cancer research, and attracted more than 2,800 participants from 45 states and Canada, including 322 breast cancer survivors. Moving the Los Angeles–area Walk to Santa Barbara from Long Beach proved to be very successful, with a 40% increase in both donations and participation. The very first long-distance breast cancer walk to benefit the Avon Foundation for Women began in Santa Barbara in 1998.

Fergie at the walk.

As a special ambassador for the Avon Foundation for Women, Fergie boosted the spirits of Walkers as she and her family walked alongside them for the final stretch of the 13-mile route on Sunday. After crossing the finish line, Fergie and her husband, actor Josh Duhamel, congratulated many of the excited Walkers who were gathering for the Closing Ceremony. Fergie then met with the Avon Walk Santa Barbara’s top ten fund-raisers, Team Avon and the Avon Walk Youth Crew. She joined the Walk participants’ family, friends and supporters at the inspirational Closing Ceremony to announce a total of more than $3 million in initial grants awarded to 12 organizations in Southern California.

Fergie’s participation attracted extensive local and national media coverage of the Avon Walk Santa Barbara. In addition to local print and broadcast coverage, the Walk earned national coverage in many media outlets. At the Walk, a national entertainment television show filmed Fergie interviewing Avon Walk Program Director Eloise Caggiano and two survivor Walkers on their experiences.

"I had the chance to meet some of you out on the route today and hear stories of why you walk," Fergie said at the Closing Ceremony. "I can only say—for me and my mom and dad who are with me—thank you. Thank you for taking a stand and for walking an insane amount of miles to fight breast cancer. I’m sure you all know how much good the money you raised will do."

Fergie was so moved by her involvement in the day’s events that she made a generous personal donation to the Avon Walk for Breast Cancer.

At the Closing Ceremony, Avon Foundation President Carol Kurzig said, "We are delighted with the success of our Avon Walk Santa Barbara and with the funds we are able to award to the Southern California organizations leading the fight against breast cancer. We are especially privileged that Fergie is here with us. In her solo career and as the female vocalist for the Black Eyed Peas, Fergie has risen to the top of the music world; but she’s a California girl and knows how important it is to help those in need."

The new Southern California–area grants include:
  • Project Angel Food received $125,000 to support meal delivery and nutritional counseling services for people fighting breast cancer and their families throughout Los Angeles County.

  • Six grants to strengthen the Avon Safety Net program in Southern California. Avon Safety Net Grants fund a network of more than 100 hospitals and community clinics across the country supported by the Avon Foundation to ensure that women and men without insurance or resources have access to high-quality breast health services. Recipients include: Breast Cancer Resource Center of Santa Barbara ($25,000); Antelope Valley Community Clinic in Lancaster, California ($100,000); Cancer Center of Santa Barbara ($100,000); Northridge Hospital Foundation ($110,000); Saint John’s Hospital & Health Center in Santa Monica ($150,000); and the Council of Community Clinics in San Diego ($150,000).

  • UCLA Foundation received $180,000 to support Avon Foundation breast imaging fellowships at the Iris Cantor Cancer Center for Breast Imaging and UCLA Santa Monica Women’s Imaging Centers.

  • UCLA Center of Integrative Oncology received a grant for $300,000 to manage a multi-institutional research study to determine if biomarkers found in breast fluid can accurately predict breast cancer risk and outcomes.

  • John Wayne Cancer Institute received $300,000 to support a research study investigating the role of one biomarker in triple negative breast cancer.

  • Dr. Susan Love Research Foundation received $740,000 to support the work of the Love/Avon Army of Women, which is changing the way breast cancer research is done by significantly reducing the time it takes to recruit research study volunteers, and also by encouraging researchers to study the changes happening in healthy women before breast cancer develops, to learn how to stop it.

  • The Avon Breast Cancer Center at the UCLA-Jonsson Comprehensive Cancer Center and Olive View Medical Center, one of eight flagship Avon Breast Centers nationwide, received $750,000 to support the Avon Cares for Life Program, which includes on-site patient navigation, survivorship programs, a high-risk clinic and clinical trials.Donations are still being accepted for the Avon Walk Santa Barbara and registration is open for women and men to take part in the remaining Avon Walks of 2010: New York (October 16–17) and Charlotte (October 23–24).
More grants are slated to be awarded throughout the year to breast cancer programs in California and nationwide.

For more information about the series, to register, volunteer or donate, visit www.avonwalk.org or call 1-888-488-WALK(9255).

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