September 9, 2010

Campaign 18 Team Highlights and News

Top 10 Sales Representatives in Campaign

Debra I $4,239
Jennifer G $426
Rebecca J $392
Veronica O $368
Lindsey K $363
Amy M $355
Michelle B $347
Ashely B $292
Linda C $287
Gwynne L $264

Welcome New Avon Reps To Our Team

Deirdre G
Sonya M
Anna C
Janet C
Gwynne L
Roxane G
Gisele G
Anne D
Aaron C
Deborah H
Dawn B
Petrona M

Top Recruiters

Jeanita W - 1
Michelle B - 1
Anna C - 1

Sell with Confidence & Earn Big with Outspoken by Fergie!

What’s the key to selling fragrance with confidence? It’s wearing it and loving it! Don’t be shy. Share your enthusiasm about Outspoken by Fergie, our newest women’s fragrance, with existing and potential Customers. When you love it, you’ll "say it like you mean it," as the Outspoken tagline says. That’s the first step to opening the door to sales!

Fergie’s popularity gives you the potential to reach new Customers.
Fergie is the celebrity spokesperson for Outspoken by Fergie, her exclusive fragrance for Avon debuting in C-21. Her star power reaches millions around the world and while you may recognize her name, you’ll definitely recognize her musical hits. She’s the lead singer of the three-time Grammy Award winning music group, the Black Eyed Peas, whose hit songs include "I Gotta Feeling." Her solo album, The Duchess, sold over six million copies worldwide. Between her musical appearances throughout the media and as a fashion icon featured in countless magazines, many of your Customers have already seen her.

Fruity floral is the top-selling fragrance category.
Outspoken is destined to be a top earner for you! It’s an outrageously bold expression of iced berry shockingly contrasted with ultra-feminine tuberose absolute and racy black leather. Customers who like fruity floral scents will love Outspoken by Fergie.

Remember to follow up: Get the names and phone numbers or e-mail addresses of everyone you give samples to.

The Outspoken by Fergie Gift Set makes the perfect holiday gift.
Did you know, historically gift sets produce 40% of fragrance sales for the holidays? Priced at $36 for the entire four-piece set, the Outspoken Gift Set is just $8 more than the Eau de Parfum Spray alone! That’s the kind of smart value Customers are looking for. At full earnings, that’s a huge opportunity for you.

Get ahead of the competition by selling the Outspoken Gift Set early in the holiday gift-buying season. This generous set contains four key pieces. The first is a full-size Outspoken by Fergie Eau de Parfum Spray, a premium quality scent that features a higher concentration of fragrance oils than most other fragrance forms. Second, is a full-size moisturizing Body Lotion. Next is the Perfumed Pendant, an on-trend silvertone heart perfumed pendant that opens to reveal solid fragrance inside (perfect for an on-the-go "refreshers"). Finally, the deluxe Outspoken by Fergie Gift Bag with coordinating tissue wraps it all up beautifully, making the set ready for gift-giving.

Selling the Outspoken Gift Set gives you the opportunity to give your Customers a quick lesson in fragrance layering. Simply put, when different fragrance forms are applied (or layered) on top of one another, the fragrance tends to last longer. Suggest starting with the Outspoken Body Lotion, then applying the Eau de Parfum Spray and finishing with a touch of solid perfume from the Perfumed Pendant to pulse points (on the neck, behind ears, behind knees and inside elbows, etc).

Three ways to earn a guaranteed 45% with Outspoken gift sets
Give yourself the gift of maximum earnings and on-the-spot sales when you order and sell advance Outspoken Gift Sets. All Representatives have the potential to earn a guaranteed $32.40 (45% earnings) when you commit to and sell an advance Pack of 2 Outspoken by Fergie Gift Sets, the introductory level of this incentive. Buy more packs, and you’ll earn more! Outspoken by Fergie Gift Sets are available for stock-up in packs of 2 Gift Sets. Order Ship Direct through eCommitment or Advance Order from the Campaign 21 What’s New or order Instant Delivery from your District Sales Manager. (See the C-21 What’s New and the Incentive Support Guide for program details.)

Capitalize on the "Outspoken by Fergie" media buzz!
Customers will be seeing national Outspoken by Fergie TV commercials beginning September 13. Be sure to let them know that, and offer them a sample of the fragrance to try.

Build earnings by building a fragrance wardrobe.
Use the Avon Fragrance Selector Card to build the number of fragrances a Customer uses, creating a fragrance "wardrobe." Suit every Customer, every mood and every season. This card will help you guide your Customer through Avon’s diverse portfolio of fragrances to find those most pleasing to her. And once she’s found a fragrance, suggest layering options with multiple fragrance forms (Eau de Parfum or Eau de Toilette, Shower Gel and Body Lotion, for example) to create multiple earnings.

Take your cue from Fergie.
Fergie is known for her beautiful, bold personality and saying what she thinks. Believe in your ability to sell and when you talk about how much you love Outspoken, make sure to "say it like you mean it!"

Campaigns 21—22 Top Demo Picks

When You Fall Down, Pick Yourself Up Again

Persistence pays off for this Executive Unit Leader.
Erika Woolbright

Erika Woolbright is a full-time Executive Unit Leader from Las Vegas, Nevada, who has been selling Avon for seven-and-a-half years. Originally she was a pastry chef, working in the hotel industry. But in 2002, when both she and her husband simultaneously lost their jobs, he reminded her how much fun she had selling Avon when her boys were young, and suggested that she give Avon another try. So she did.

Erika soon found she was very successful at sales. She focused on Skin Care, and by providing prime service and value to her Customers, she built her business. For example, she always compared prices across available campaigns to make sure Customers received the lowest prices, and she let them know she did that. Those sorts of small gestures led to referrals and increased her Customer base. Erika also aimed to find at least two new Customers per campaign, and joined business groups for networking.

Erika had always enjoyed teaching and showing others how to do what she did. So in 2003, when her District Sales Manager asked her to join Sales Leadership, the answer was naturally yes. Erika attended a 2-day Avon conference at a local hotel, where she learned about Sales Leadership and the potential earning opportunity. Erika says, "No matter what I had to do, I was going to take advantage of every opportunity Avon offered."

She learned that to succeed in Sales Leadership, she'd have to approach others and not just leave brochures, which intimidated her at first. But Erika was drawn to Sales Leadership, and that motivated her to keep going. To build her comfort level she started out by approaching people in the service industry (since she felt they were paid to be nice to her), such as supermarket cashiers and bank tellers. It worked—Erika made Honor Society in her first full cycle (and has made Rose Circle every year since), and now she can talk to anybody.

By 2005, Erika was an Advanced Unit Leader and had earned the "Anchors Aweigh" Sales Leadership cruise to the Bahamas. Erika knew the nation's top performers would be onboard. She recalls, "I was determined to meet as many of the most successful Representatives as possible, and ask how they achieved so much. Most were very open and helpful, and I learned a lot!" And in 2006, she reached her current status of Executive Unit Leader (EUL).

Erika knows being in Sales Leadership requires partnering with her Downline. She helps them to build Customers and shows them how to recruit. She says, "Find out what your Downline needs and help them to get it." When it comes to recruiting, Erika teaches her Downline how important it is to talk to new people everywhere they go—the dry cleaners, the grocery store, the bank—and gives examples of how she does this herself. She also takes her Downline out with her to meet new people, or to events where they set up tables together. She says it's important to model the behavior and let her Representatives try it out while she's there.

In addition to recruiting and selling techniques, Erika teaches her Downline about Avon's beauty products, and how to build their businesses effectively around them. She says, "My team constantly hears how I built my business with a focus on Skin Care, and how learning all about these products builds consistent year-round sales and Customer loyalty." Also, as one of the top salespeople in the nation, Erika has been invited to attend Avon's product webinars, and she always shares what she learns with her team members. She takes advantage of Advance Order Opportunities, too—she carefully considers which level to choose, and explains the program and its benefits to her team. She tells them that featured products tend to be on the brochure's front cover and shows them how to leverage their sales by focusing on one product each campaign.

Erika ensures her Downline knows that service is the key to higher sales and more Customers. She says, "Success is about persistence. The key is doing the same things over and over again, every day. Talk to your Customers, provide service and talk to everyone you meet. Just because you can't see instant results doesn't mean it's not working. But when you do things every day, miracles happen."

She also encourages her team to attend their District events and holds monthly team meetings which includes training with specific products so that Downline members can be confident selling them. Achievements are recognized, and members share ideas, as well as discussing new products, how to increase earnings, strategy, how to treat people and best serve their Customers. Avon's current Incentive offers are highlighted, as well as ones Erika creates herself to dovetail with them.

Erika has been incredibly persistent in her rise upwards, but it hasn't been without its bumps. In 2009, she attained Senior Executive Unit Leader status but was not able to maintain it. She's continuing to learn from this, and is working to regain her title and stay there for good. She says, "One thing I'm certain of is that people who succeed get up one more time than they fall down."

When asked about the key to her success, Erika replies, "Persistence. We are in business for ourselves and it's easy to be affected by setbacks and disappointments. They're part of life, but the less you focus on them and the more solution-minded you become, the more energy you'll have to focus on the positives. I don't know of one success story that didn't have obstacles to overcome … and there aren't any about giving up! My District Sales Manager has said, 'Erika is like my Avon GPS—every time she hits a roadblock, you can just see her saying recalculating, recalculating, recalculating.' The destination never changes—you just need to find new ways to get there."

C-23 Sales Meeting

Create powerful earnings with
the new “power couple” from ANEW.

Come to the C-23 Sales Meeting and learn about creating powerful earnings with the new “power couple” launching in C-23 from ANEW: Platinum Serum and Platinum Night Cream. With Avon’s breakthrough technology, ANEW Platinum combats the most advanced visible signs of aging in women ages 60 and over. You’ll also hear about the best gift of the season, the Flip MinoHD™ camcorder in C-24, and preview Turn4 XT, our new men’s fragrance. Plus, you’ll discover all the hot holiday offers and values from
C-23–C-26 that will help make your 4th Quarter sales the best ever!

Grab a friend and come share your selling tips with your District at your C-23 Sales Meeting. Contact your District Sales Manager for details.

‘Tis the Season for Great Customer Sales!

Check out all the holiday must-haves starting in C-22.

As the holiday season draws near, Avon has everything Customers need to make life fabulously festive. Gorgeous holiday decor for the home, sparkling jewelry, luxurious bath and body products, and cool gifts for everyone are sure to get your Customers in the shopping spirit. With wonderful gift-giving ideas from cover to cover of the C-22 Brochure, see what the 2010 holiday season at Avon has to offer!

Nothing says holiday more than a beautifully decorated home. Warm colors, glittery hues and festive scents bring the season to life. Inspire a gorgeous holiday home makeover with our Glitter and Gold Holiday Wreath, perfect for welcoming family and friends. Trim the tree with sparkling ornaments including the Glitter and Gold Mistletoe and the Snowflake Ornament. And women are sure to love our new set of Glitter Handbag and High Heel Ornaments, which shine with style. Then dress up dinner with our Festive Tabletop Tree in either silvertone or goldtone . With most items selling for $24.99 and under, Customers can bring the rich holiday textures and tones of the season home at fantastic values.

Make gift-giving a breeze for Customers with our most popular scents in value-priced sets, making them so easy for you to sell. Gift sets for him include Black Suede and Wild Country men’s fragrance gift sets; and for her, we offer Haiku, Candid and Sweet Honesty Everlasting gift sets. And who wouldn’t absolutely love Nick the Happy Reindeer? He sings, taps his foot to the music and spreads tons of holiday cheer!

Shopping for a little princess? Surprise her with the Rose Splendor™ Barbie® Doll to cherish forever. And make the holiday even more special for kids with Personalized Two-Piece Snowman Pajamas. With so many affordable gifts, smiles will be endless—and the savings for Customers are spectacular!
Help Customers fill stockings to the brim with tons of stocking stuffers that everyone will love. Stock up on our Avon Holiday Shower Gel in festive scents of Sugar Walnut, Black Cherry & Nutmeg and Peppermint & Vanilla. Our Avon Naturals Mini Body Sprays—a new travel-size version of the popular favorite—are also great to give. And our Bubble Bath Ornaments are too cute to pass up, each in a fun holiday carton. Fill children’s stockings with Avon Kids Holiday Bath Time Body Paints and keep lips and hands soft with our Festive Favorites Lip Balm and Holiday Hand Cream, all dressed up in festive holiday packaging for easy gift-giving. With prices starting at $1.99 and under, these little extras prove that gifts don’t have to be pricey to be perfect.

This holiday season is filled with tons of great style and savings, and these are just the tip of the iceberg! From home decor to toys, perfume, jewelry and accessories, it’s all fun, festive, and affordable. Refer to the C-22 What’s New for all the details on our latest line of gift-giving products. It’s time to kick-start the holiday sales season and help Customers find the perfect gifts at a great value, only here at Avon!

Avon Opens Up Her World

Gwyneth Johnson
On the surface, Gwyneth Johnson’s transformation from a shy woman who lacked self-confidence to the accomplished businesswoman she’s become today resembles that of tens of thousands of women who started their own Avon businesses. But Gwyneth’s exuberance for Avon goes beyond just excitement at overcoming shyness, and feeling good about herself. When you look more closely at Gwyneth’s world, you will understand why her Avon business has changed her view of both herself and her world.

Gwyneth lives in the beautiful community of Shoreline, Washington, with the four males in her life: her husband, Matt, and three lovely young boys—JJ (12), Jacob (10) and Josiah (3 1/2). This seems like your average American family, but there is nothing average about Gwyneth’s household. Spend time with two of the boys, JJ and Josiah, and you will notice something different about their behavior. Neither of the boys move around or talk like other children their age, although JJ can speak a few words. Neither of them walked until age two-and-a-half. Both boys are autistic and have development problems, which often make it hard for them to communicate with and relate to others.

“You have to keep your eyes on them. Safety issues are far greater with them than with regular children—they fall a lot,” explains Gwyneth. Her living room is almost bare, and they have no dining-room table, because the little one might hit his head on the corners.

As a mother of special-needs children, Gwyneth finds it necessary to be home 80% of the time. Her two older boys attend school full-time, but Josiah attends only in the morning. After lunch, he sleeps three hours, so she cannot leave her apartment. To add to Gwyneth’s challenges, her husband uses the family van for work from 1:00 p.m. to 12:00 a.m., so it is only available for three hours in the morning during the week, providing no mishaps occur.

Despite these drawbacks, Gwyneth wanted to feel as though she was contributing more to the household. She saw an opportunity for change with Avon, since her friend (who has a serious illness and can’t drive), has been able to conduct her Avon business on and off for 10 years. Feeling nervous and scared, not knowing exactly how she was going to do it, Gwyneth made the leap of faith and became an Avon Representative.

Her start was slow. Her first order came from a Customer whose credit card did not go through, and many women said no. Saddened but not discouraged, Gwyneth looked to the next day as another chance. Fortunately, church members and two groups of women she sees regularly offered her the opportunity for more orders. Now it seems to Gwyneth that opportunity is everywhere: on the grocery-store checkout line and at the bus stop; and with her neighbors, with her banker and with people at her husband’s company. Anyone and everyone she meets is on her radar screen.

“Sometimes the first week is slow; then the orders start coming in,” she says. Within just 15 months Gwyneth achieved President’s Club, with the dedicated assistance of her District Sales Manager, Karen Broussard, plus extra help from her Customers and support from her entrepreneurial mother. You can imagine Gwyneth’s joy and the boost to her self-esteem. She expresses it this way: “I hadn’t reached a goal for myself in years. Most of my goals are for my kids. This achievement reminded me that I’m still beautiful and smart, and can use my brain for more than just changing diapers and sweeping food off the floor. It showed me I can feel like an adult again and have my own money.”

“Gwyneth is not afraid anymore. She doesn’t use her limited time as an excuse, and she’s accomplished more than someone who has a full 24 hours in a day,” exclaims her District Sales Manager, Karen. “Working with Gwyneth makes me feel so good about my job. She is the definition of an empowered woman.”

Gwyneth is always thinking about Avon and how she can sell more. Since her goal is to make President’s Club again, her mornings are busy with Avon, and afternoons are devoted to paperwork, phone calls and learning about products, until the boys come home from school. Her long-range plan is to raise her sights when Josiah is in school full-time.

Now that you know her story, is it any wonder that Gwyneth Johnson is grateful for her Avon career and deeply feels “Avon has given me my life back.”

Support the Gifts in Kind Fund-raiser and Help Those in Need

Did you know that the catastrophic events of an average hurricane season cause approximately 50 to 100 people to lose their lives, while thousands more are displaced from their homes in the aftermath?

Some of the most costly disasters in history have impacted millions of people. No one can forget the images of families stranded at the Superdome in New Orleans after 2005's Hurricane Katrina. And this year's hurricane season, along with the Deepwater Horizon oil spill, has already begun wreaking further havoc on the Gulf Coast.

Avon Representatives can help those in need, and their loved ones who have been victims of these disasters, by conducting a "Gifts in Kind" fund-raiser.

For a $10 donation, Customers can sponsor an Avon "Disaster Relief" kit consisting of 5 essential toiletry items. The kit includes Skin So Soft Shower Gel, On Duty Deodorant, Skin So Soft Bug Guard Plus Sunscreen and Moisture Therapy Lip Balm and Hand Cream.

Avon will forward these products directly to the Gifts in Kind International™ Distribution Center. In addition, $4 from each kit will be donated to Gifts in Kind International to assist families in their time of need. And you will earn $1 for each kit ordered along with full Award Sales.

These small acts of kindness will provide invaluable comfort and relief to families who are faced with difficult living conditions following a disaster.

Click here for more information on Avon fund-raising.

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