August 21, 2010

Start Now & Win Big Incentive

Hi Avon Friends!

If you are reading this email, then you have joined Avon and our Avon Success Team! Your upline team, of which I am part, is here to support you in growing your business!

In this email, we?ll talk about:

How you can Host an Avon Emmy Party and Make Money while you celebrate the stars!
Avon?s exciting Incentives for A- Candidates and Unit Leaders and B ? Advanced Unit Leaders and Above!
Your Team Incentive ? How to Win Big whether you love to Sell or Recruit!


Last night we announced some exciting Incentives and Program that Avon is launching for us in the upcoming 4th Quarter Campaigns as well as Special Team Incentives just for you!

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This week and next, you?ll be getting your HOST AN AVON EMMY PARTY packet either in your order or shipped directly from Avon. Nothing says ?Party? like an Awards Show! Use this perfect opportunity to invite potential new team members to learn about Avon and how to become a Selling Superstar ? all while having a great time watching TV?s Hottest Stars win Big!


Avon Is Launching Two Great Incentives for Leadership Reps!!

Candidates and Unit Leaders can earn up to $100 for every new team member added from Campaign 21 through Campaign 25! See the attached UNIT LEADER and CANDIDATE Fact Sheet for More Info, also available at

Advanced, Executive and Senior Executive Unit Leaders have the opportunity to DOUBLE THEIR BONUS CHECKS when they meet their goals in campaigns 21, 22, 23, 24 and 25. Avon will match all bonuses earned during this time with a big fat check, doubling your earnings to be paid out in mid-January! You will need to have 6 new team members with orders in Campaigns 18, 19 and 20 to play and you will be sent your goals for your and team sales at the close of campaign 20. See the attached AUL + Fact Sheet for more Info, also available at


Our Avon Success Team is also launching a great incentive ? for those who love to sell to customers and those who also love to build a team/downline!

Our Incentive is called 10 FOR 10 and here?s how you can play!

STEP 1 - COMMIT to making 10 Avon Calls to new people each Day to for 10 days!

We say Calls? but you can use Email/Video/Sampling/Mail/Facebook Messages ? anything you want to contact 10 new potential customers or recruits each day!

Your goal is to share AVON ? the products or the earning opportunity with each of them,

STEP 2 LEADERSHIP REPS, invite 10 of your downline to do the same!

When you call your 10 people and they each call their 10 people ? at the end of the 10 days, you and your team will have reached out to 1,100 new prospective customers and prospective team members!! Your Holiday Sales for you and your team will EXPLODE!

STEP 3 CONTACT each member of your upline team ? your sponsor, their sponsor, and all the way up to ME to let us know that you want to play in this great incentive! We?ll be available for questions, to talk with your prospects with you and to help you win BIG!

STEP 4 INVITE all of the people you speak with to join you at on of our upcoming Sample Making Party Events, to be held the whatever date you are available in September!

What's a Sample-Making Party, you ask? Fun, Food, Friends and a way to introduce customers and team members to each other, try some new Avon Products and Make Some Money!

So, who do you call? Everyone who is not currently a customer or a member of your downline (If you are a Leadership Rep). Most of our contacts may have heard from us at one time, but we can find 10 a day, either in our contact list, or in our neighborhoods to share Avon with for just 10 days!

You'll get entries for all kinds of things and be eligible to win some great prizes when you participate!

Here are Some of the Prizes So Far!

*** An Avon Business Builders Pack with Brochures, Flyers, Samples and Great Business Tools! ? Valued at $25.00

*** A $25.00 Gift Certificate for Avon Logo Apparel from The Oakwood Group ? check out their site at and see what?s on sale this week!

*** A Cash and Carry Gift Basket, filled with over $25 of Avon Products that you can take with you when you visit customers ? Earn Extra Cash On the Spot!

*** A $50.00 Gift Card to the Restaurant or Store of Your Choice!


Watch your email later this week for ALL THE WAYS YOU CAN EARN ENTRIES INTO THE DRAWING!

Contest begins September 7th and runs through October 4th.

You Can Earn Your First Entry Today by emailing your upline and me, Lynette at and telling me that you want to Play 10 FOR 10 and Win!


Whether you have been with Avon for one campaign or for years, we are here to cheer you on and help you grow your Avon business as big as you can dream it to be!

Call or email me if you have any questions and be sure to send us an email letting us know that you will be joining us in our upcoming Team Incentive!!

Here's to Your Success!

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