May 18, 2010

Selling Tips For This Upcoming Summer

Selling Tips

Call EVERY Customer a few days after you deliver a brochure

Set a goal to conduct one Avon party every campaign. Reward the host

Invite your customer to have a friend over when you are there

Have an open house and have all your customers bring a friend

Every weekday, give a brochure to 2 prospective Customers

Leave extra brochures with your existing Customers
Ask them to give it to a friend or family member who may be interested in buying from the brochure.

Add a personalized note highlighting a favorite product of your Customers
i.e. "The (product) is one that most of my Customers love! This special offer makes it the perfect time to try it!"

Consider adding a discount or offer
If you're an eRepresentative, offer free shipping with any order. Or, to increase their average order size, offer free shipping with a $20 or $30 order.

Make a brochure "flag"
Use Post-Its or fold the pages that you think might attract a new Customer,

Don't forget to add your email address and/or eRepresentative URL on the brochure – some Customers may prefer to shop your eRepresentative Online Store.

Buy samples for your customers to try new products - Sampling is a great way to introduce your Customers to Avon's products, so make sure to stock up on samples.

Sample, Service and Show - be sure to practice these simple tips and you'll see your sales and earnings skyrocket!

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