April 18, 2010

110 PLUS Places to Find New People - WHICH ONES WILL YOU TRY TODAY?

Airplane Seat Back Pocket and in Airline Magazine in your seat and your neighbor’s
Airport (Be sure to have your website listed for all travelers)
Animal Shelter (add a flyer about any great products that work for pets that your company has)
Apartment Leasing Offices (ask if you can leave materials for newcomers packet too or stuff newsletter)
ATM's (use sticky tac, or double sided tape)
Babysitter (give her a tip to leave your brochure/sample with her other customers)
Back of Bathroom Stall Doors
Bagel or Donut Shop (leave near (not on) the newspapers)
Bank Tellers
Bank Reception area (enjoy a cup of coffee!)
Bar, local pub, Karaoke events (waitresses are great customers, they always have cash from tips)
BNI – Business Networking Events
Bookstore (leave a card inside a business book or magazine in your field – don’t overdo!)
Bowling Alleys
Bus Stops
Cable Service Office
Cards to friends (include a newsy note about your latest activities, hobbies and business)
Car Dealerships - the cashier, the office staff, and the sales reps
Casinos (Feelin’ Lucky?)
Clerks At The Post Office
College Campuses and Dorms
Computer Stores
Corner Stores
Credit Unions
Currency Exchange
Customer Appreciation Day (We appreciate all new and current customers with specials and samples)
Current Customers (give a gift for referrals)
Dance Studios
Day Care Centers
Dentist Office
Doctor's Office
Dressing Rooms
Drive Thru Window at Restaurant or Bank
Drivers License Bureau
Dry Cleaners
Envelope that you pay bills with (they send you ads, why not return the favor?)
Eye Doctor
Fabric Stores
Fast Food Restaurants
Fax to one Local Business each week with a special offer
Fishbowl or Raffle Box at Local Restaurant or Business (Give the owner a treat for helping you)
Flower Shops
Front of Magazines at Check Out Lines
Fundraisers – many groups and organizations need new ways to raise money
Furniture Stores
Gas Station Attendants (Go inside to pay and ask how they like their job)
Grocery Store Clerks (also overworked and underpaid)
Grocery Store Racks Where People post Ads
Gym or place you work out (curves, fitness centers)
Gymboree Type Centers
Hair Salons
Halloween Treat Bags (parents love treats too)
Holiday Gifts for Service People (mailman, lawn maintenance, Cleaning Staff, etc)
Hospital Waiting Rooms
Insurance Office
Internet Chat groups
Jewelry Store
Job Fairs
Karate or Martial Arts Studio
Kids Resale Shops
Little League Game
Mechanics Waiting Rooms
Model New Home Centers
Mortgage Offices
Movie Theater Lobbies and Restrooms (all of them)
Nail Salons
Online Social Networks (Facebook, MySpace, UvMe, Skype, more)
Orthodontist Offices
Outlet Mall
Park Benches
Pet Stores
Pizza Place or Chinese Restaurant where you get Takeout
Place Where You Pay Your Bills
Quick- Print Shops
Real Estate Agent Offices
Restaurants (bathroom, waiting area, with your tip, cashier)
Retirement Homes
Sales People At Any Store
School (Give a care package to each of your children’s teachers with a note of appreciation)
School Administration Offices
Senior Citizen and Senior Activity Centers (Ask the Activities Director if you can give a demo or presentation)
Shoe Stores
Sports Events
Tanning Salons
Tax Preparation Offices
Taxi Seat when you get out
Teacher Gifts
Telephone Answering Service
Temporary Staff Offices
Toll Booth Collectors
Travel Agency
Trophy Shop
Truck Stops and Thruway Rest Areas
UPS/FED EX/Shipping Store
Vacation Destination
Video Stores
Vitamin Stores
Walk In Medical Clinic Waiting Rooms
Water, Electric and Gas Utilities
Wherever you do business
(TIP – Do business with people who will let you leave your samples and flyers/brochures, if they won’t, consider finding another service provider, do business with like-minded people)
X-Ray or Medical Lab where you have tests done
Yoga Studio

For one week, make a list of all the places you go to and drive by every day. Make prospecting for customers and affiliates part of your daily life. You’ll be amazed at the number and variety of people and businesses you encounter.

Always Be Prepared – have your materials ready to go the night before and put them in your car
Be Consistent – as Jim Rohn says.. an apple a day is not the same as 7 apples on Sunday…
Get and Give good contact information – keep a notebook/post-it notes handy with pen
Follow Up, Follow Up, Follow Up – don’t waste your time by not getting contact information.

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